Eager beaver

Eva Longoria Wardrobe Malfunction Exposes Actress’ Lower Half At Cannes:

“Stop the presses”; one the biggest news scoops of the century, big enough to make the front page of many online news agencies.

Anyone on this planet that doesn’t know that these so called “malfunctions” are staged for publicity should go get their heads examined.

If these low class bimbos celebs that have these “unexpected problems” from time to time didn’t want to make the front page with their poon tang hanging out. they would have worn their moo-dons that day instead of going el-natural. It is almost laughable.

I can bet that the little girls that idolize these tramps  will be leaving their skives home when they go out on a date.  They probably are already. Parents, do you due diligence.

It always seems that this little exhibitions of their female parts happen when they are on a downward slide and need to get their name back in the headlines. They all seem to act so surprised and embarrassed.

Jonh Stossel always says “give me a break”.

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