Give me 20 faggots

Huffington Press

Marine Corps Recruit Letter Claims Boot Camp Instructors Hurl Anti-Gay Slurs, Call Recruits ‘Faggots’ :

It appears that this Liveried-Lillie, panty-waste was insulted when the DI called him a few names. He should have brought his Ma Ma to boot camp with him so she could make his oatmeal for him every day when he drags his sorry ass out of the rack at 0530.

I wonder if he squats when he uses the head or stands up??

A US Marine Corps drill instructor screams at a Marine recruit during boot camp at Marine Corps Recruit Depot July 8, 2009 in San Diego, CA.
“We’re called faggots 10-50 times a day. ”You think that’s yelling? That’s sweet faggot.” “Yeah, you would think that’s a pushup, faggot.” etc. Any time we f–k something up, the DI’s tell us “you stupid f—–g thing. That’s more wrong than two boys f—–g.” My heart is bleeding for the kid.

This little faggot should go get his legs and underarms shaved, put on some lipstick and go get a job at a day care telling little kids fairy tale stories. He certainly doesn’t belong in the Marine Corps.  If a few names bother him that much what is he going to do when the shit really hits the fan in combat?  That is what all of the preliminaries are all about.

The best thing Little Lord Fauntleroy can do is pack that alligator suit case he came in the main gate with and go back home where he is safe and play with his sister and her dolls.  The Marine Corps does not need anyone like Twinkle Toes in their ranks.

Cussing, name calling is all part of what makes a boy into a Marine. This lad is very fortunate that he was not in boot camp when I was when the order of the day was a good ass kicking three times a day; then he would really have something to complain about.

Did I agree with those tactics at the time, absolutely not but in retrospect that is part of what made men out of boys.

Being one of the premier fighting forces in the armed services, along with the Navy Seals, the Marine Corps always had the distinction of being the “first in and the last to leave” and the training they receive make it possible for them to perform fearlessly and with honor. That type of mentality and discipline needs extra-ordinary training; cussing and ass kicking is part of it. You have to go through it to appreciate it.

So ladies; “if you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen”.

Get a copy of “Sir Yes Sir” to see what real harassment is. The website is . You will have a better understanding of the Corps after you read the book.

“Get down and give me 20 all you faggots out there”.

push                          pu

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