One tough little Chinese kid

Rescuers save a newborn from sewer pipe beneath public restroom in China:

A newborn boy is recovering in a Chinese hospital after being rescued from a sewage pipe below a squat toilet by firefighters, who sawed off an L-shaped section and then delicately dismantled it to free the trapped baby.

What kind of confused, sick, twisted minded person would flush a new born baby down the toilet? This had to be an act of desperation.

I don’t know what kind of toilets they have in China that a baby weighing 2.8 kilograms (6.2 pounds) could be flushed through the toilets piping and into the sewer system?

Baby No. 59 got his name from the number incubator he was in; he was reported safe in the hospital. The news of the rescue prompted an outpouring from strangers who came to the hospital with diapers, baby clothes, powdered milk and offers to adopt the child.

His heart rate was low and there were grazes on his head and limbs, but he was largely unscathed, according to Zhejiang Online, the province’s official news portal.

Fortunately for the child he will be raised by a better parent than the one that discarded him in such an hard-hearted manner.

before  after

The top picture shows the pipe the baby was stuck in – The second picture shows the top of the pipe being removed and the baby stuck inside of it.  It is a miracle he survived.

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