Pinocchio in DC

Huffington Press


Now let’s put the shoe on the other foot Mr. Holder. How far would an apology get anyone non-political connected person that broke the law the way you did.  It is time to pay the piper.

Eric Holder

From the inception of the IRS investigation Holder denied that he knew anything about the backdoor dealing of the IRS; only to find out that he is the one that signed the papers to authorize the “witch-hunt” on the parties that opposed the Obama camp for re-election.  He didn’t swear to his non-involvement under oath but it was tape recorded and is on record, just as good in a court of law.

The arrogance of this man and the people in his inner-circle is astounding. They literally think that they have a license to do whatever they well please and believe that they are above the law. It is time to prove to the “top lawman” in this country; crime doesn’t pay. I would have thought that Holder of all people would be playing by the rules he was appointed to uphold.

Hopefully this investigation will topple Holder and all of his other henchmen involved.  No telling just how high this investigation will go.


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