Who is on video tape???

Fox News

Kim Kardashian blasts ex Ray J as a ‘pathological liar’ after he shared alleged details about their sex life

Good example of the kettle calling the pot black.

Explicate videos have a way of coming back to haunt a person. Did Kim and company ever consider that at the time they made them?? They are not hard to find if a person is interested.

I personally saw an interview with Kim and her mother on a talk show defending one of the MORE EXPLICATE videos she made when it became public. Nothing like having Ma Barker for a mother.


All of this conversation about Kim and her ex Ray J has to be giving Kanye West some tight jaws. I wonder if and when the retaliation is going to begin??


If there was such a thing as a meter to check the quality of a persons honesty, integrity and morality, I would not expect a very high score from any of the above.


It really is a shame there are people on this planet with such low morals, they stoop as low as they do and go to any lengths, no matter how degenerate, just to get publicity.

It is no secret that the Kardashian Clan, guided by their matriarch, have lees than stellar reputations as status seekers.  The women should hang her head in shame for the way she schooled her clan to attain succeed at any cost.

Barbra Walters said it very well.

Personally, I have no objections to what anyone does with their life.  As all of the readers of the Goomba Gazette should have noticed, one of the most important issues to me are THE KIDS in this world and what kind of examples are set for them.

If some of these fools/exhibitionists want to jump off a bridge, that is all well a good with me; as long as they don’t land on some innocent bystander below.  What I do care about is the way they set such poor examples for kids, then by defending their actions like they are saintly.

For this women to defend her life style and call her ex a pathological liar (he may be) is laughable.

I will acknowledge the fact that the family has made million, BUTT the manner in which they made some if the $oldi has a lot to be desired.

Is how much $oldi a person has always the barometer to being successful?? I guess so. What should be a consideration to their succeed accolades is, how they made it.

That may be one of the obstacles we are up against in this country. It is sinful how some fools elevate drug dealers and mobster to celebrity status, never considering how many lives they destroyed on what they consider the WAY TO THE TOP.

The best thing Kim can do when it comes to defending herself in the morality department is, zip it up. The least she says about defending her virtues, the better off she will be.



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