Can’t even buy a seat …

O’Rourke falls to Cruz despite $70M fundraising windfall

Beto (his daddy must have hated the lad)  and company could not even buy the seat. Beto was supported by the same diehards that backed CHC in the presidential election.  I would think their faces are getting pretty raw by now from getting slapped around.

Democratic Rep. Beto O’Rourke’s bid to unseat incumbent Republican Sen. Ted Cruz in Texas fell short on Tuesday despite a fundraising effort that raised a record-setting amount of campaign donations.

O’Rourke raised more than $70 million during the heated Senate race, including more than $38 million from the July to September campaign period alone. That total shattered the U.S. Senate’s existing fundraising record and easily surpassed Cruz’s fundraising effort, which produced roughly $40 million.

Even with what they thought were some heavy hitters like Beyoncé, double dribbler LeBron James and Willie Nelson, they struck-out again.

It turned out that Teddy’s former adversary PDT was his salvation. It didn’t seem to matter that then The Donald sounded severely on Teddy’s old lady during the presidential campaign, despite that, Teddy still accepted PFT’s support. FOLKS; it is called the hypocrisy of  politics. Where I come from that would have deserved a good ass whipping.

Between Cruz and Beto they spent 110,000,000,00$ on the race.  It is mind-boggling the amount of $oldi these politicians spend to get elected to a job, that for the most part, is a meal ticket to retirement for all of them.

Just a few examples:

1. Texas Senate $110,021,775
2. Florida Senate $96,537,761
3. Massachusetts Senate $49,756,646
4. Missouri Senate $46,856,858
5. Ohio Senate $44,097,372
6. New Jersey Senate $41,860,961
7. Arizona Senate $39,786,011
8. Wisconsin Senate $37,922,614
9. Indiana Senate $37,713,046
10. Nevada Senate $35,697,722
1. Texas Senate $93,853,435
2. Florida Senate $91,415,575
3. Missouri Senate $42,181,103
4. New Jersey Senate $38,874,441
5. Arizona Senate $38,226,066
6. Indiana Senate $36,384,978
7. Massachusetts Senate $35,627,690
8. Wisconsin Senate $34,504,155
9. Nevada Senate $32,931,706
10. Ohio Senate $31,359,150


1. Georgia District 06* $47,708,888
2. California District 39 $21,780,325
3. Montana District 01* $20,988,237
4. California District 22 $20,260,642
5. Maryland District 06 $19,922,291
6. California District 49 $18,331,762
7. Pennsylvania District 01 $17,615,920
8. Virginia District 10 $16,517,790
9. New York District 19 $16,501,905
10. Kentucky District 06 $14,376,475
1. Georgia District 06* $46,426,901
2. California District 39 $20,629,087
3. Montana District 01* $19,901,048
4. Maryland District 06 $19,064,572
5. California District 22 $17,629,381
6. California District 49 $17,053,166
7. Pennsylvania District 01 $15,142,233
8. New York District 19 $15,020,633
9. Virginia District 10 $14,892,024
10. California District 48 $12,961,662

I often wondered what they do with the scraps, the left-over $oldi.  Chances are, they do not give the contributors a refund.

BUTT, that is peanuts in comparison to what the presidential election cost on 2016. Although, CHC out-spent Trump, she also could not buy the election.

AGAIN; all of her high-flying supporters that think the can walk on water, got the shit kicked out of them AGAIN.  Two or three of those should humble a person!!

The 2016 election combined cost between CHC and The Donald cost 6.6 Billion dollar$.  That is more than some countries in the world are worth.

What will the results of the election bring about? Don’t forget, we are dealing with politicians that only look out for their interests, agenda and personal gains. The people who elected them MAYBE come secondary.

The only good thing that came out of the election is the end to all the slanderous/sons-a-bitchen  commercials that bombarded the air waves for the last year. BUTT do not disrepair; it will not be long before a new race starts and it will be Day- J-view all over again.


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