To Stand or Starve, that would be the question??

USA Today

The Bell Tolls: Cowboys players apparently unable and unwilling to challenge Jerry Jones’ anthem policy

I have said this consistently since the anti-Americans took to their knees.  The only language they understand is when it hit$ them where it hurt$ the mo$t, in their jewelry ca$e$.

One of the benefactors from the kneelers who decided not co-operating with the NFL rule will be the pawn shop owners. If most of them were given their walking papers, the streets where the hock-shops are located would be lined up with exotic cars and their owners would banging at the doors trying to unload their bling so can get The 3 for One special @ Mickey D’s.

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Athletes have been always been notorious in the way they piss away their $oldi.

When ex-pro athletes sell championship rings, this pawn shop keeps it

Jul 16, 2014 – Since opening his Kansas City pawn shop in 1988, owner Don Budd says he has had 3,000 championship rings of former athletes. He also …

The ultimate pawnshop treasure – Las Vegas Sun Newspaper

Jan 26, 2015 – The 14-karat, white-gold Super Bowl ring encrusted with 143 … Several athletes have pawned Super Bowl rings, Harrison said, but they …

Apr 22, 2011 – “Athletes are perfect customers because they’re collateral rich but cash poor,” … I had a guy who pawned his Super Bowl ring because his old …

So far, the only team we have heard from that CLAIMS they will enforce the ruling is Dallas.  It is going to be interesting to see if any of the players from other teams will challenge the non-kneeling rule. There has to be a few with big balls enough to try.

I didn’t watch a game last year, including the super-bowl. I can’t really say I missed it. It gave me the chance to caught up on my Three Stooges episodes.

It is amazing. I have been watching these three knuckle-heads ever since TV came out in the late 40’s and I don’t think I have seen the same episode twice. No cussing, drugs, sex, just plain old fun entertainment.

AND the experts try to tell me we have advanced??? Anyone that was born in the 30’s – 40’s of 50’s, if they have a half a brain, they would have to admit, those were a lot better times for mankind.

Take away all of the computer, cell phones, other electronics, social media, and the rest of the gadgets; I would go back in a minute.


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