This guy is a blooming idiot

UNC coach under fire over his remarks on football’s link to brain illness

In a recent interview, this fool Larry Fedora said he does not correlate CTE with playing football.

(CNN)University of North Carolina football coach Larry Fedora is under fire after he questioned the validity of studies on a degenerative brain illness that affects players.

Fedora also said that football is “under attack” while answering questions Wednesday during the Atlantic Coast Conference Media Days in Charlotte.
“I fear the game will be pushed so far to one extreme that you won’t recognize the game 10 years from now. And I do believe that if it gets to that point, that our country goes down, too,” he said.
Fedora said he’s not convinced a link between chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, and football has been proven, according to CNN affiliate WTVD.
“I can take the data and I can make it look one way, and you can take the data and make it look another way, and whoever is presenting it is the one that gets the say-so,” he said.
Someone better check under Ferora’s fedora to see if he has any marbles in his cranium.
What is the matter with naysayers like Fedora? Let him tell all of the football players that are either completely incapacitate because of football injuries or close to it.  There are some heart wrenching stories out there.

Over 99% of NFL players’ brains in a study of dead players have CTE …

Jul 25, 2017 – The largest study yet of dead former NFL players found that over 99% … or permanent brain damage as a result of repeated blunt force injuries to the head. … According to family interviews, 89% of these players showed either …

List of players having CTE.
This list will show the ridiculousness of Fedora’s opinion. Get ready to count.

Former players with CTE confirmed post-mortem

A definitive test currently can be made only by examining the brain tissue of a deceased victim.

As the families of many deceased players wish to keep their medical information private, the following list is incomplete. A brain injury study conducted at the Boston University School of Medicine showed that 33 of 34 players tested post-mortem showed clear signs of CTE,[1] and additional players have so far been confirmed with CTE separately. A new list released in November 2016 mentions CTE in 90 of 94 brains of former and deceased NFL players.[2] In July 2017, a new study showed that 110 of 111 brains examined showed signs of CTE.[3]

College football players with CTE

  • Patrick Risha[32]
  • Tyler Hilinski

High school football players with CTE

  • Eric Pelly[33]
  • Zac Easter[34]
  • Paul Bright Jr.[35]
  • Nathan Stiles

Deceased players suspected of having had CTE

Included in the list are players diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) who were never tested post-mortem for CTE but whose history appears consistent with CTE. A typical diagnosis of ALS has primarily been based on the symptoms and signs the physician observes in the patient and a series of tests to rule out other diseases[36] and therefore, prior to the discovery of CTE as a phenomenon in ex-American football players, many CTE cases were diagnosed as ALS. The testing of CTE in deceased ex-NFL players began only after the disease was first diagnosed, in 2002, in the brain tissue of Mike Webster.[37] After then, testing became common practice only gradually. A cohort mortality study run by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) examined 3,349 NFL players who played at least five full seasons from 1959 to 1988.[38][39] Findings showed that while NFL players lived longer than the average American male, the risk of death associated with neurodegenerative disorders was about three times higher among the NFL cohort.[38][39] The risk for death from Alzheimer’s disease and ALS were about four times higher among the NFL cohort.[38]

Some on this list may have had dementia not related to ALS or CTE.

Living former players diagnosed with CTE or ALS or reporting symptoms consistent with CTE or ALS (in mainstream media)

These players have publicly acknowledged either having been diagnosed with likely CTE or having experienced symptoms, such as dementia or unusual memory loss, consistent with CTE. In some cases, the player has received a diagnosis of ALS but symptoms are consistent with CTE. There are at least two dozen former players who were diagnosed as part of a UCLA study but have not come forward publicly.[1] There are also around 4,500 former players who joined a class action suit against the NFL alleging that it had covered up a growing body of medical evidence about the preponderance of head-trauma related CTE in ex-NFL players.[45]

Some of these ex-players may have medical conditions other than CTE or ALS. For example, ex-players that have presented with symptoms late in life may have other forms of age-related dementia. Some of the former players on this list are came forward only in the context of the class action lawsuit versus the NFL. At present, there is no definitive CTE test available for living persons. Their average age is 51.

Former players listed as plaintiffs in lawsuits against the NFL for concussion-related injuries received after playing

This list is incomplete. The NFL reportedly reached a settlement in 2013 with around 4,500 former players (or their estates). This list currently contains fewer than half that number.

What do you tell all  these guys Larry?? Even if 25% or 50% of them are faking it fr the $oldi, that is a huge number.

Probably, because of guys like Fedora, the head count is a lot higher than it could have been if the players were not shot up and sent back into the game injured.

It is a shame to say; there are a large percentage of coaches at all levels, starting at pee wee all the way thru the pros who are only concerned with their ego and numbers and not the safety of the players.

Do we really believe that the all of the NFL honchos have more regard for the players or their multi-billion dollar organization$. You have only one guess.

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