The real truth …

With Iran under pressure, Foreign Minister tells CBS News U.S. sanctions “hurt,” but won’t work

Would we expect the leader of the biggest terrorist group in the world to admit that sanctions will not cripple them??  Ask the minister why sanctions are being imposed on them. I would love to hear his answer.

It is sinful that sanctions do not affect the leaders of the countries, it trickles down to the already impoverished citizens.  The big wigs never miss a meal.

Do the Iranian people and many of the others around the world, like the citizens  in North Korea, who are brain-washed from birth and forced to live in seclusion/isolation know the truth behind why their countries are being sanctioned?? I really doubt it.

All people are products of their environment and only know or understand what they are taught from birth. That is why so many of them detest the USA.

I am the first one to acknowledge that the USA has broken many rules, invading countries for no bonafied reasons, killing thousands of people like GWB and his president Cheney did in their quest for the war-mongers to achieve their goals.

On the other side of the coin, in my opinion, we have a new sheriff in town that is trying to bring peace to the world and hopefully, that initiative will be recognized.

Beside Ronald Regan, I can not remember any president that has made as much of an effort to bring about peace between nations.  Most of them just rode the horse until it dropped.

One of the major problems any president encounters when they take over the reins is trying to correct the mess the ones made that came before them. Sadly, none of them will admit to their faults or mistakes. In Cheney’s case, his mistake were not mistakes, his invasion of Iraq was deliberate and he bamboozled GWB to be part of his greed driven game.

It is a sad state of affairs that ALL the people in the world were able to see situations as they truly are. If  that were the case, I am sure, the USA would not be hated the way they do.

Even when the war-mongers were in power, the USA has done more for humanity than all the countries.  Unfortunately, much of it was squandered by the thieves that rule some countries and never reaches its intended purposes.

Donor Total development aid Development aid per capita % of GNI
 Australia $3.22 billion $129.92 0.26
 Austria $1.21 billion $137.59 0.31
 Belgium $1.89 billion $167.20 0.4
 Canada $4.29 billion $122.04 0.25
 Czech Republic $0.20 billion $18.85 0.1
 Denmark $2.57 billion $447.05 0.9
 European Union institutions $13.85 billion[3]
 Finland $1.29 billion $234.13 0.55
 France $9.23 billion $137.35 0.36
 Germany $17.78 billion $214.73 0.49
 Greece $0.28 billion $25.04 0.13
 Iceland $0.04 billion $120.29 0.22
 Ireland $0.72 billion $151.2 0.22
 Italy $3.84 billion $63.38 0.21
 Japan $10.4 billion[4] $73.58 0.21
 Luxembourg $0.36 billion $609.48 0.61
 Netherlands $5.81 billion $338.38 0.76
 New Zealand $0.44 billion $90.75 0.2
 Norway $4.28 billion $812.58 1.14
 Poland $0.44 billion $11.45 0.09
 Portugal $0.31 billion $30.07 0.15
 Slovak Republic $0.09 billion $16.56 0.1
 Slovenia $0.06 billion $29.04 0.12
 South Korea $1.91 billion $37.13 0.09
 Spain $1.60 billion $34.52 0.12
 Sweden $7.09 billion $701.10 1.36
  Switzerland $3.54 billion $421.37 0.68
 United Kingdom $18.70 billion $284.85 0.67
 United States $31.08 billion $95.52 0.15

The USA contributes 17.95 more around the world than the entire European Union does.

How is it possible that anyone can dispute the generosity of the USA and recognize, that despite the problems we have caused, we are the world leaders in trying to promote peace?? I will admit, many times it did not appear that way.

Say what you may; PDT is trying to take the politics out of government that for many years has been one of the most corrupt organizations on the planet. With an approval rating of 16%, it has been the other 84% of the absolute obsessed fanatics that are Rolling Boulders at PDT and trying to degrade him at every turn.

REPEAT: Bust his balls if he gets out of line; BUTT acknowledge what good the man has done since sitting in the Big Chair.

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  1. Fran Precario says:

    I can not open your blog at all today. It takes me to Go Daddy. Sent from my iPad


    • I let it expire and didn’t realize it. I am back up and running. Thanks for the support in the following. Pass this on to all your friends in contacts. Semper-fi

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