Real live Judas!!!!

Michael Cohen taped Trump discussing payment to a Playboy model

Talk about a greasy, low-life, turncoat , backstabbing son-of-a-bitch; this prick turned out to be. Cohen is about as low as a supposed friend and confidant can get.

Whatever happened to attorney client privilege?? If I were PDT, I would sue this creep so severely, he would be eating out of a GI can for the rest of his life.

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen secretly recorded a conversation in which he and Trump discussed payments to a former Playboy model who claimed to have had an affair with Trump, a person familiar with the matter said Friday.

The person, who has reviewed the transcript of the contact but who is not authorized to comment publicly, said that the recording was made about two months before the 2016 election and was among the materials seized during an April FBI raid on Cohen’s office, home and hotel room.

Just how many pieces of silver did this thief in the night get for his devious deed?


PDT doesn’t have to worry about enemies when he has friends like this.

I said it before and I will say it again. I am not worried about what The Donald was doing before he put his hand on the bible.  He didn’t rape or murder anyone, never had a cigarette or a drink. How many people, including the ladies can make that claim?? All I am concerned with, he continues to do the job as he was elected for.

Will he continue to make mistakes along the way? Absolutely; as long as they are small one.

If all of the idiots combine that are trying to bring PDT down, put that money and effort into something constructive, they could have bought, constructed and paid for that mausoleum  they are going to construct for their hero Mr. O.

The behemoth only has a 1.5 billion price tag on it.  At least they will have something tangible to show for their efforts. The shelves may be empty, BUTT they will still have a vacant, uninhabited  structure to visit so the can pay homage. Something like an empty church or masque.


I can guarantee one thing, Cohen, PDT’s x-mouth-piece, is going to be scratching his ass for new clients. Who the hell is going to trust the Judas after what he pulled.

From here on in, Cohen will be known as the Blabbing Ambulance Chaser looking for work.

I guess that job PDT promised him, cleaning all the shit houses in the Casa Bianca with his tooth brush is out of the  question. Had to be a very distasteful gig.


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