That’s what I’m talkin about !!!!!

Titans star Jurrell Casey offers salute instead of fist after national anthem



What more needs to be said? Here we have a MAN that appreciates what he has, respects his country, the flag. national anthem and all it stands for.

That’s what I’m talkin about !!!!!

I will stand fast on my previous comments. When the black community gets a handle on its crime rate and does not give the authorities the opportunity to hassle/abuse them, if the maltreatment still exists, I will kneel with them.

I would like to take a survey on how many of the kneelers would like to trade places with a cop that is a sitting target for every nut case out there.

My hat is off to Jurrell Casey and all the other patriotic players  that respect our country.

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As far as the owners go, my opinion has only changed because it has only gotten worse.  They are nothing BUTT a bunch of money hungry, multi-billionaires that have no balls. Someone should give them a SHORT ARM exam. They sound and look like the PC-pathetic parent that continually threaten their brats with a time out/punishment and never follow through. YOU BETTER – YOU BETTER – I AM WARNING YOU – I AM WARNING YOU. That goes triple for the worthless Cash Cow Commissioner.

I talked to a friend of mine who is an avid football fan. He says the reason he attends the games is to stand for the flag and honor it. As he sees it, he has a very valid point, and knowing the man, I do respect is opinion. BUTT my opinion still remains, make it hurt in their piggy banks by boycott the games. That is the only language the greedy owner$ under$tand,

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