Language the Kid understands ……

CIA Director Mike Pompeo met with Kim Jong Un over Easter weekend


Is there any fool out there that can not see or admit; the only reason these peace talks are/will take place is because of the BIG BALLS of our Commander-in-Chief.  He would consider this a compliment. Locker room talk you know!! His methodology is a FARRRR cry from what we are used to seeing from PDT’s predecessors.
I have alluded to this fact 100’s of times in my posts. There is only one language that some villainous people understand. Some one that is more powerful and violent than they are. Someone that will not be pushed around, humiliated and meteorically speaking, watch their wife and kids get beat up with out retaliation. PDT is THIS MAN.
I would hope, but not hold my breath,  all of the dissenters/Boulder Rollers are flexible enough to kiss their own ass and admit when they are wrong.  I heard one of them say; I will kiss my own ass if I am wrong about Trump. WELL get bending boy??
That gotta hurt.
If their choice, CHC was sitting in the BIG LOVE SEAT with her notorious Billy the Bad Boy, the USA would still be on humble knee catering to the Kid and the rest of the world.
No sensible/civilized person in this world wants to be violent when there are other options, BUTT many times we have no choice. When our back is against the wall, we better come out swinging with all we have, hit them hard, unannounced and hit them fast. Even though it is unethical in some peoples mind, for good measure, kick the son-of-a-bitch in the face while we have them on the ground. After all; the old saying goes;
We have to come off loud and clear so no one misinterprets about our mission. Like Gunny Mesics used to scream at the recruits in Parris Island: I am gonna rip off your fuckin head and shit down your throat boy, do you read me!!
The Gunny did get his message across loud and clear. Because of people like the Gunny,

(I didn’t realize it at the time) they are what makes the Marine Corps great and what it is all about.
Today, I am going to give PDT the Gunny Mesics award. I am sure he will feel honored.
PDT, shoot me an email when you get some spare time. I would love to hear from you!!
Semper Fi
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