So much for patriotism


18.2 million viewers tuned into ABC’s ‘Roseanne’ revival

Top Talkers: The sitcom reboot jumped right into current politics with pro-Trump Roseanne not speaking to her sister Jackie since the election.

Ever since this dizzy broad made a fool out of herself and insulted the Nation Anthem, I never watched her program again.  I found it was quiet entertaining before I ex-ed it out. .
Anyone that does not think this putrid performance was not intentional; I still have plenty of PRIME swamp land left.
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BUTT, I may be slightly different when it comes to being patriotic. I did not watch one football game this year OR the Super Bowl.
Stand-up and be recognized folks. Show your support for the country by boycotting anti-American institutions.  There are many talkers out there that like to complain like a 5 year old kid about the deplorable conditions in this country, BUTT do absolutely nothing to support it BUTT run their mouth.


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