PDT hits a few grand-slams

Very Very presidential. WOW


If anyone who listened to PDT’s UN speech can come away with anything but positivism, there has to be some thing drastically wrong with them.

If anyone who listened to PDT’s speech can find a negative side to it, there is something drastically wrong with them.

He laid his cards and heart on the table for everyone in the world to see and hear. There should be no 2nd guessing as to what his intentions are; the betterment of mankind, peace and harmony for the world and putting America first.

Gotta love the Rocket Man label for the Kid-dicktator.

He severely put the hammer to Iran and it evil ways. He expressed the underside of the disastrous Iran deal that Obama structured. He labeled it the worst deal ever struck in history, that of which we have seen the repercussions yet.

To think that Obama was so adamant about making the DEAL, only to get him name in the history books is very sad. There are going to be generations of people around the world that are going to suffer because of it.

It is a shame that the people in the politically suppressed parts of this world are not able to live in and enjoy the benefits of what a democracy and freedom are all about.  Because of the greed and hunger for power of their dictators, these people are being deprived of living a full and joyful life.

Holding countries that harbor terrorism pay the price for their support.

PDT touched on the facts of settle refugees in their own country, at 1/10th of the cost of settling them else where. A win win for all concerned.

UN: The USA pays 22% of the cost to keep the UN organization solvent, while there are 196 country members. The time has come for the USA to quit bamboozled.  These countries are like the guy that gets up and goes to the restroom at every dinner he attend every-time the check shows up. PDT has asked for more financial and military support from the countries that can afford it.

PDT took it directly to the sources – pulled no punches. With PDT, the world knows where we stand with the good guys and where the bad guys stand with us.  Cuba, Venezuela, Syria, Iran and North Korea need to be dealt with and controlled or pay the price.

Fair trade – the party is over – If countries want to deal in trade with the USA, we have to be treated fairly or we pull out. It can not be any more fair then that.

Touched big on patriotism and the lack of it.  Without the citizens of any country standing by their respective country’s and supporting them, they only undermine and magnify the problems.

Fools like the Boulder Rollers, the Ship of Fools and all the other nay-sayers are not wise enough to understand, in the big scheme of things they are only cutting their own throats, literally.

PDT asked all the members of the UN to stand united in their quest for peace and  free societies.

The words have been spoken, they are out there; now it is time for all parties concerned to come together and make them work.

I am sure PDT, the Sleeping Giant has shaken up the world with his messages.  Many will receive it as words of encouragement and wisdom; other will continue their evil, contemptuous ways. Hopefully the sanctions are the answer that will bring them around, if not, they will have to be brought down.

I think by now, the majority of the world knows the severity of what we are facing in the way of terrorism and strife from with-in. These issue have to be dealt with in a timely manner and ferocious manner before the terrorists gain anymore power then they have already. The power they have achieved can only be attributed to ignoring them PC-style and hoping they would go away. PC should only stand for PATHETIC CONCLUSION.

As we all know; it is human nature for a few countries to change their MO and get in the game, but for others it is going to continue as business as usual, as free-loaders. For those countries that do not contribute, financially and militarily, there should be severe consequences.

We can see by the way PDT presented himself that he is not out to win over friends and influence people. He shoots straight from the hip letting the cards and the truth fall where they may. If the shoes fit put them on; if they do not, get in line.

It is a shot in the arm for the citizens of the USA to hear their President stand tall and not camouflage his conversations for the sake of being popular. That is not in PDT’s DNA.

Today he spoke to the UN as he did to the USA when he was running for the Big Chair, talking it to his audience with no punches being pulled. The difference being, he dramatically cleaned it up and sounded extremely presidential.

His speech to the UN has to be one of, if not, the proudest moments in PDT’s life and a definite shot in the arm for the American people,  in turn the free world. Best of all folks; especially the fools on the other side of the fence; he meant every word he spoke.

Naturally, the Boulders Rollers will never go away. Those that can find fault with PDT’s presentation to the UN are simply showing their ignorance.

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