This is what I’m talkin about!!!!!

Fans plan protests against NFL, kneeling players, ‘in solidarity with veterans’

Veterans, not NFL, to be focus for many fans this Sunday

A picture tells a 1,000 tales. What more can be said except; it should be unanimous through-out all football fans to stand up and support their country instead of the kneeler.

One question; who is out there putting their lives on the line to protect us and keeping our country safe,  the military or the NFL?

SUPPORT THE MILITARY and don’t patronize the NFL in ANY fashion until they come to their senses. If never, so be it.  Go to pay per view and watch reruns of the God-Father.

Semper Fi to all the military.

Turn up the volume FOLKS;

Send the kneelers and the NFL to the penalty box until they come around. I know that is a hockey term.

Don’t be a PART-TIME American

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