Poetic justice for the Juice

O.J. Simpson asks Nevada parole board for early release

I don’t even want to go into the complex/charmed/murderous life of Orenthal. It is beyond belief that a dude in his position could wind-up as he did, on the inside looking out.


Ladies and gents; you are looking at pure evil who feels; laws and justice only applies to the Little People.

He was the King of the Mountain in the old days. He had fame and $oldi, all the broads he wanted (white included), especially in the day when a black and a white women combo was still  taboo.  He blew it all because of his arrogance and the  John Gotti syndrome he thought he had of being untouchable.


His crimes and antics finally caught up to him in one of his least severe capers when he and HIS CREW entered a hotel in Sin City, armed to the teeth to retrieve some memorabilia he claims was stolen from him.

He was charged with kidnapping and armed robbery. That little stunt by the black Gotti was his last caper that landed his untouchable ass in the slams for a 33 year sentence.

CRIME 01/03/2014 04:21 pm ET | Updated Jan 23, 2014
O.J. Simpson Has Brain Cancer, Begs Obama For Release:

In 2014 he appealed to his president to grant him an early out because he claimed he had brain cancer. It surprises me the Obama didn’t give him a key to the gates based on everyone else he helped spring.

I don’t think that it has ever been substantiate whether Orenthal has the BIG “C” or not. Probably just some-more wolf ticket the Juice is putting out there.

Based on the crime he was sentenced for; under normal circumstances, I would agree that he paid his price to society by serving 9 years. BUT, Always the BIG BUT; considering what this dude got away with, murdering his ex-wife and her friend; 400 years is not long enough for him to serve.

There are a few things the his people over-looked when they went all-out supporting the killer. As The Juice gained popularity, his ego got bigger then the Buffalo Bill’s stadium he played in so many times. He forgot where he came from and put himself above the rest. These are the same people he looked down on, thought he was better than them all, that saved his ass when he went on trial for murdering Nicole and Ron.

SOOOOOOOOOO; in the big picture, I would conclude, when he goes before the parole board today; they should  tack on another 33 years and let Mr. Karma do his thing in the justice department.

Ego has literally killed a lot of very successful people. As the old sayings go;

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