Addicted addict

Matt Lauer still sending notes to ‘Today’ producers, report says

Can’t let go Lousy Lauer is still under the illusion he is part of the Today Show.  From inside the cave where he is hiding, he continually is critiquing different portions of the program and send his unsolicited opinions back to the station.

I think we can call Lauer a true addict.  He is addicted to sex – to himself, his ego and now to his fantasy.  It appears no one at the network told Matt his services are no longer required.  Possibly in his twisted mind, he thinks he was put  on a sabbatical and is sitting there waiting for the phone to ring.

I have a news flash for the guy. Matt, your phone is never going to ring again; unless it is an ambulance chaser telling you that you are being sued by one of the ladies you molested.

One of the interesting things I found about Matt before the hatchet took his head off; he was the only guy I knew of, who was way up the ladder in the news media, that was as bald as a new-born baby’s ass and not ashamed of it. At least the guy had one quality.


I really used to admire the guy because he didn’t feel pressured by the industry or his peers where vanity is such a big thing, to wear one of those rugs that looks like road-kill sitting on his head.


It really is a shame that some very talented people who had the world by the goolunies with money, prestige, fan admiration and all that goes with being a celeb; BUTT because of their gigantic ego, narcissistic attitudes, obsession with dominating others, blew it all.  There are 100’s of the critters.

Message to Matt; Put another log on the fire and snuggle up with a good book or maybe the family pet (if it can safe). Why a book? Even your poor mentally abuse wife doesn’t want any part of you. Can you blame her?

Message 2: Don’t expect any phone calls or text for a consulting position from your former boss or anyone else. It ain’t gonna happen.

Millions of people would cut their right and left arms off to have what some of you perverts had.  All of you suffering from the Wineburger syndrome must have thought you are above the law.


It is about time someone is listening to the ladies that were legitimately molested or raped. It has been a long time coming.  Only thing missing; proper penalties associated with their crimes.  Not monetary penalties, because they all have more money than brains. Time in the SLAMS will do; but I will; not hold my breath.

I am still wait for charges to be brought up on Joking Joe. This Dude must really have some clout!!


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