Enjoy that steak you eat tonight, it ….

Rogue planet could bring end of days this weekend, numerologists say

Sooooo; you busted your ass all your life, worked like a dog, saved a few dollars, looking forward to retirement, wanna spend some time with the grand-kids, looking forward to buying that boat you always wanted?? FOR-GET-ABOUT-IT!!

Conspiracy theorists are claiming that a rogue planet will disrupt Earth’s orbit this Sunday and bring about a series of catastrophic earthquakes that could decimate life as we know it.

Nibiru, also known as Planet X, was originally supposed to destroy our world on Sept. 23 according to a Christian “numerologist” who said it was to collide with Earth, according to a recent report by the
I have always been of the opinion, this is the way it is going to end, with a comet or some other out of control, outer-space rogue celestial object blasting us earthlings to smithereens.

BUT; I didn’t think it would be this soon. I am just getting used to that pair of Stetson shoes I just bought.  I didn’t even break them in yet. If I knew the END was coming so soon, I may have three or four pair sooner.


Lets face it FOLKS; in the big scheme of things, we are NOTHING. All of the high-flyers, celebs, politicians, billionaire NFL owners and the like in this world who think the they can walk on water, they have it all wrong.  They are nothing but a bunch of narcissistic fools. If you want to believe it, there is only one guy that had that power/ability.


When we used this analogy, comparing the earth to the rest of the universe; experts put it like this. The earth is just one grain of sand on all the beaches in the world. That is how significant we are; NOTHING!!!

For us earthlings to be so conceited to think that our planet has a free pass not to get nailed; FOR-GET-ABOUT-IT  again. It is not a matter of if it will happen, the question is, when.


If tomorrow is D-Day and the prognosticators are correct, there are going to be a lot of fools out there that will be in for a rude awakening. They are not so important or powerful that they could prevent the inevitable.  All of their power and $oldi will be as worthless as they are. Possibly, when they hit the head tonight; they should clean themselves with some of the 1,000 bills they been hording and they put them to good use. They will not be any good Monday.


I am going to recommend a JUST IN CASE. JUST IN CASE tonight is the last night our planet is in one piece; that is JUST IN CASE, go out tonight and order a Kobi steak dinner with all  the trimming, a bottle of Dom Perignon as your LAST SUPPER. Order the steak medium rare for a full robust flavor.  Leave the server a 1,000 $ tip. You will look like a hero but won’t even have to pay up anyway.

japan-kobe-beef       index.jpg

NOOOOOOO; sorry to say folks; hiding in the closet or under the bed won’t do you any good. Go stand in the front yard or on top of a tall building and take it like a man OR women. I want to see that MOTHER coming at me head on.  Just before it hits, I am going to call Nibriu a low down, dirty (*&^%$ #@*&%$,  BUT sorry to say, Nibriu will get the last laugh.

Son-of-a-bitch; I didn’t need to pay all those bills I just mailed yesterday. On second thought, the creditors will never have a change to cash them.  All is well!!


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