Definitely not an Aristotle

As successful as PDT has been in his life (aside from a few stumbles) he should be more articulate and not as condescending as he is.

The doo may be the same but that is where the similarities stops.

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With all of his worldly exposure, one would think that PDT should be a lot more polished than he is. He certainly is not an Aristotle.

This man is very complex and hard to figure out. He is like the guy that sees the sign QUICK SAND, recognizes the dangers but is still going to try to walk across it. Not very bright!!

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He has stuck his foot in his mouth so many times they are hard to count. He definitely is his own worst enemy.

It is beyond comprehension that he is so bull-headed and stubborn he is unwilling to see the mistakes he has made, take good advice from those close to him and make the necessary changes to correct them.

I did a post on him yesterday calling him Macaulay Trump.  The way he is firing everyone around him, he is going to wind up HOME ALONE.

Macauly Trump – Home Alone

He has a very long journey ahead of him. If he intends to finish the rest of his term sitting in the Big Chair, he absolutely has to make some serious corrections. Sometime I wonder if he is still ALL IN??

There absolutely has to be some underlying reasons why PDT is so prone to shooting himself in the foot.

In my opinion, he has been THE BOSS for many years and is not used to being said no to. He hires and fires at will, never taking any prisoners. He has been brought up in the lap of luxury and been pampered by all of the obsequious fools around him.  Anyone that does not agree with him, they suffer the same thing the Thanksgiving Turkey does. They get their necks on the chopping blocks.


In his presidential position, being stubborn and bull-headed are not great attributes.  He must rule with an open mind, listen to advisors (that is why they are called advisors), think before he speaks, think 10 time before he tweets or better yet, retire the old bird and get on track to accomplishing the things he was elected to for.

Personally; I don’t know how the man can take all of the constant conflict surrounding him. If nothing else; we have to give him an A+ for being a tough and resilient person.

He is like Rocky  Graciano. He keeps getting the shit kicked out of him but keeps coming back for more. That can be as bad as it is good or visa versa.


BUT, always the BIG BUT; his type of personality is not very conducive to being the President of the USA.  He must learn how to maintain his tough stand on ALL issues but; (only a metaphor), kill them with kindness.  More importantly; ignore all of the Boulder Rollers. If he acts like they do not exist, sooner or later they will get tried of pissing up a rope and go home.

Even with all of the turmoil, the USA is much better off with PDT at the helm than what’s her name!!

Let us hope for the sake of the country and his sake, PDT gets a handle on his antics and tones down his rhetoric. He is slowly doing a Joan of Arc to himself.


Great article:

The Primary Difference Between the Wise and Foolish

I never thought when I put the X next to his name that I would be compelled to be so critical of Trump.  Time to wake up PDT!!








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