Day of reckoning

‘Suicidal’ Harvey Weinstein caught storming out of home as police respond

And?? I would say, let him have at it.

For no other reason, the picture below is why a good/respectable/seasonable person should behave themselves. Three key words; GOOD, RESPECTABLE and SEASONABLE.


If for no other reason, to spare the family the shame and embarrassment, especially with high profile people, they should control their sicknesses or go get a hooker that will not drop a quarter on them. BUT, it is not about the sex, it is about the control and power.

They are such narcissists and sociopathic fools, the only person in their miserable lives that matter to them is them.  That is until they get caught; then and only then the Cry Towel comes out. Is the public supposed to feel sorry for Harv? So far, the only fool I saw that is shedding a tear for him is Lindsey Lohan. That doesn’t surprise me.

I am really dumbfounded that the FARRRRR-left and the liberal-media hasn’t tried to blame this one on PDT. This is the only major bad-news story that has come down the pike in the last 10 months, they haven’t tried to pin on The Prez.

Weinstein has been the target of many in Hollywood whose careers he helped make after reports from The New York Times and The New Yorker alleged that the 65-year-old executive had been routinely using his position of power to sexually harass, proposition and assault women in showbusiness throughout the years.

It was previously reported that the Hollywood mogul is headed out of the country for rehab, but it’s unclear at this time when or where he’ll go.

Is the pervert headed out of the country for rehab or is he running from the long arm of the law? The authorities better snatch his greasy ass before he disappears BUT, with a kisser like he has, it would be very difficult to hide.


She should have seen this coupon years sooner. Gotta be the $oldi!!                                index

The major problem with degenerates like Harv; they are so into themselves, they think they are above everyone else, the rules of law and decency do not apply to them and they will never get caught.

I say; if he wants to suck on a 6″ gas line; WELL!!



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