Is Joking Joe Joking???

Joe Biden reportedly seriously considering 2020 presidential bid

FBN’s Charlie Gasparino on reports former V.P. Joe Biden is meeting with Wall Street executives about a potential 2020 president in 2020.

Is Joking Joe Joking??  He has about as much of a chance beating PDT as Olive Oil does beating Popeye in an arm wrestling contest.
I am still waiting for some lady with enough guts to come out and make a sexual harassment complaint against this clown.  There must be some very heavy hitters protecting the X-VP; yes the same guy that loves to walk around with his Mr. Jones hanging out in front of his female secret service agents.  The guy is a pig.

Female secret service agents hate being assigned to Joe Biden because of his love of SKINNY DIPPING – and consider him the second worst assignment… after Hillary

Th same obnoxious stud (he thinks he is) that is constantly mauling and pawing women.


The guy is a narcissistic creep.  Don’t believe me, just axe him.

The democrats better save their $oldi. They have 2.5 years to come up with a better choice than JJ.

Indecision and last-minute confusion  applies to all the political parties, As usual, at the 11th hour they will still be scratching their ass trying to choose the right candidate to bring them to nirvana.

In the halls of politics, on both sides of the fence, I don’t have any respect for over 90% of the parasites. Even that may be being generous.


What we needed to get this country back on track is what we have now with PDT. I only hope that when 2020 comes around, the American people will be smart enough to do a repeat. The last thing we need in the Casa Bianca is some fool screwing up all of the advancements PDT will have made by then.

I don’t care what political persuasion is, what race, what nationality, what educational level a person achieved; it has to be plain as the nose on ones face, PDT is kicking ass, all for the betterment of the USA.  Somewhat inadvertently, his moves are effecting the entire world.

Let us not forget the old cliché; don’t ever kick a gifted horse in the mouth!!

As far as JJ goes; he is nothing but a Joke. If he is the best the democrats have, they are pissing up a rope.


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