How the hell did you do that ???

Trump slams ‘Russian hoax story’ and ‘ObamaCare disaster,’ hails surging stock market:

OK PDT;  should take some credit for the stock’s success. I do believe that his proactive moves have a lot to do with where the numbers are today. BUT, Always the BIG BUT; leave the Russia deal and Obamacare out of the tweets. Gotta get off of the defensive wagon.  Give them a rest.

What will make the matters even worse; IF the Boulder Rollers do come up with some improprieties by anyone connected to Trump.

There are many old saying that come to mind when I see PDT thumbing that little machine of his.

Can take a horse to water but can’t make him drink – leave well enough alone – something’s are better off left unsaid – let a sleeping dog liesilence is golden and so on.

This may sound like a preposterous story but it is absolutely true. At first I didn’t believe it myself. It is impossible to make something like this up.

I have some dear friends in Buffalo that used to work at one of the big plants. Years ago we were sitting in a gin mill having a few and they commenced telling me a story about a guy that worked with them that cut of his index finger on his right hand that day.

The guy ran over to the safety guy named Frankie, who immediately wrapped the stub up to stop the bleeding. Frankie the safety guy being very concerned,  took the amputee back to the machine where the accident took place and said to the guy; how the hell did you cut your finger off?  With that, the dummy pointed to the machine with his left hand and cut his other index finger off.

Laughing my goolunies off, I said;  no one can be that stupid. What happens, Frankie the safety guy walked into the bar 5 minutes later  and repeated the same story verbatim.  One of the best stories of all times.

I know you catch the drift. Some people are not bright enough to come out of the rain  and keep making the same mistake over and over again. Tweet Tweet.

How can such a well-intending person in PDT’s position keep cutting his fingers off with that deadly tweety machine and keeps going back for more??

I still support him 100%; but I have to call them as I see them.  He is like the guy that has something hanging out of his nose but is the only one that does not see it. Gotta look in the mirror PDT.

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