All shot to hell with 15.00$

Trump hails ‘big victory’ after judge upholds border wall project

PDT is celebrating his victory as a judge upholds his aspirations for building a wall to keep the illegals out of the country.

Don’t celebrate too soon Mr. President. There is a very big downside to the story’s ending.

How much will the Mexican border wall cost?
The report said the border wall could cost nearly $70 billion to build and $150 million a year to maintain. An internal report by the Department of Homeland Security said the wall could cost about $21.6 billion, not including maintenance. Apr 18, 2017.
Talk about a enormous waste of taxpayers dollars$. As I am pounding the key board with my size 9 stubby fingers, for only 250.00$ per class, some enterprising  Vietnamese guys are giving class for anyone that wants them on how to circumvent a vertical obstacles.

The classes are taught over a one week period. Not to worry, there is a sick bay around the corner for any mishaps.

In addition to the 250.00$ for classes, the only other expense is the cost for their 15.00$ launching pole.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO; what we have is a 21.6 billion dollar wall that can be scaled with a 15.00$ pole. I would conclude; that the wall when constructed will be a very good setting for a David and Goliath saga.


Anyone interested in signing up for the classes better hurry. From what I hear through the Vietnamese  pipe line; they are getting bombarded with potential applicants.


If any of the GG’s readers anticipate taking classes, better bring a role of TP if you think you will need it.

I have always maintained. The split second any burglar proof item is introduced to the market place; the thieves have already figured out how to crack it.

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