The golden foot shower

The numbers add up: Peeing in the shower makes sense:

Fox News Science

Startling scientific news this morning FOLKS.

After an exhaustive study taking place over a 10 year period and millions of pee drops counted in an attempt to calculate how much water can be conserved if  people that shower daily should give their feet a Golden Shower or not by pissing while they are scrubbing down.  There are a lot of pros and cons on the subject.


According to the piss experts; 69 – 75% of all people that shower exercise this way of relieving themselves.

After all of this exhaustive research; the brain busters think they come up with a solution to the droughts in the different areas of the country is experiencing.

It is estimated that 319 million Americans shower each day – each flush of the toilet uses about 1.6 gallons of water – subtract 1.6 gallons from the amount of water used when the 319 million people shower, we can save 185 billion gallons of water a year.  That is a very significant amount of precious water that can be used in the water starved areas.

With every new concept or experiment that comes out, there are always radical groups or extremists that jump into the mix. In this case we have a conglomeration of nuts cases calling themselves Drain Defecators that are also trying to save water.

With this application, if you will,the Drain Defecator found they better take a good plunger into the shower or tub when they bathe, things can get somewhat messy.  A little mental imagery goes a long way.

Some others even claim that by pissing on their feet it kills their athlete’s feet. I don’t know if that fact has ever been scientifically been proven. Hard to get volunteers for the experiment.

If this becomes a fad, Dr. Scholl’s, you have a problem. download (1)

What other significant news will the brain busters come up with next to save Mother Earth?? Hard to tell.  I can’t wait.





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