Is The Virgin Mary really ……

Dems slam Kavanaugh as ‘reactionary ideologue’ as stage sets for bruising confirmation battle


As I watched PDT’s nomination for Supreme Court justice and PDT showering Judge Kavanaugh with all of his accomplishments and expounding on the man’s impeccable character, I said;  I can’t help BUTT wonder what the democrats will come up with to besmirch him.  They didn’t disappoint me.

It appears the democrats biggest issue is the judges stance on abortion. So far!!


Within seconds of Trump’s announcement in the White House Monday night, the far-left political action committee Democracy for America called Kavanaugh, 53, a “reactionary ideologue” whose confirmation would “directly lead to the deaths of countless women with the dismantling of abortion rights.”

In my opinion; abortion should only be allowed in special circumstances. 1st, if the case of incest – 2nd, if a rape accorded – 3rd, if there is an indication that the child will be born deformed, either physically or mentally. If a girl/women does not want to get pregnant, they should keep her legs crossed.

The real kicker is; we have the argument from some supposed learned people from the left, a fetus is not human. You know what my answer to that is:


The next time these non-believers look in the mirror and see what they are today, I would like for them to remember just how everyone that was ever born started out, looking like and being a human fetus. I am sure there will be some of them that will dispute that point.

index              images

So tell me folks, if what we are looking at is not human, what the hell is it an elephant or a rhino??

Wanting to be objective, I like to look at both sides. I often wondered how much the population would have increased if there were no abortions since they became legal in 1980 (Rov VS Wade) or since time began?  The answer is:

58,586,256 Abortions in America Since Roe v. Wade in 1973 …

Jan 14, 2016 – Bolton , more than 58 million unborn children have lost their lives. … figure has dropped further, but it is difficult to say precisely how much. … an increase of 9 abortions in Nevada, 37 in Delaware, 39 in Wyoming, and 70 in North Dakota. … In the past ten years (2003-2012), abortion ratios fell for all groups.

How many abortions are performed each year worldwide?
This is a real-time clock keeping an accurate count of human babies aborted each day around the world. The numbers are staggering.
Looking that the financial and commonsense/practical side of the issue, if none of these abortions had taken place, can we imagine what it would take to care for all these additional people??
The world has a tough time dealing with its present population, let alone adding another 1,500,000,000 since 1980, or approximately another 36,000 a day.  The facts and numbers are staggering.
Like my cousins from WVA would say; mankind is between a rock and a hard place on many issues.   The only real population solution, if possible, is birth control, which is virtually impossible in some parts of the world and for all the people too ignorant or lazy to use it.
The fact that I have a hard time understanding; somethings are impossible to fix. There are no solutions to some problems or they are so complex, chances of change are little to none, especially when he have nympho-maniacs like this dude.

Man who has fathered 34 CHILDREN with 17 different women set…

Mar 25, 2015 – A man who has fathered 34 children with 17 different women has landed his own reality series, which is due to start airing on Oprah Winfrey’s …

I saw the initial interview. This guy was like a robot and oblivious to the entire conversation.  He didn’t even know the names of some of the kids. He wore his position like a badge of honor instead of being disgraced. Although his case is extreme, they are fools out there trying to beat his record.
Lets face it folks and understand reality;  mankind is on a self-destruction course anyway.  It is just a matter of time which of the poison we take daily are going to do us all in.
As far as the far-left democrats goes with their assertion of PDT pick for the Supreme Court; I heard they have a top-secret study underway to find out of the Blessed Virgin was really a virgin.
With a mentality such as they have, should we expect them to agree with anything that is commonsense or that PDT has his name on??


Watching Judge Kavanaugh’s speech, I marveled at what a man he is in so many different areas, as a father, husband, judge, humanitarian, volunteer.

In life, a person should be judged not by what they are forced to do, BUTT what they do voluntarily out of the kindness of their heart and do not expect any recognition. They are rare birds.  I don’t know how that man finds the time?


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