Being overly PC can be very costly

Seattle struggling to pay for bike lanes, as costs for ‘visionary’ project balloon to $12 million per mile: report

It seems that there are many downsides to the PC correctness movement at the Home of Pike Peak Market.


It is costing the citizens of Seattle dearly for being so foolishly benevolent. There is an old Italian saying; troppa gentilezza genera stupidità (too much kindness breeds stupidity). That old cliche appears to fit governing body in Seattle like a glove.

The bike lane construction in Seattle is just another in the long line of services provided to its citizens that is draining the city’s bank account.  The lane itself is a good benefit for the safety and recreation for the people, BUTT the cost of it has ballooned into an outrageous monster.

The cost to build bike lanes has sky-rocketed to up to $12 million a mile from its already unreasonable price- tag.  It is in another setback for the progressive city’s leadership that has repeatedly spent big on social projects only to realize less-than-stellar results.

National average: The cost of a five-foot bicycle lane can range from approximately $5,000 to $535,000 per mile, with an average cost around $130,000.

Due to the negligence in estimating readily admitted by city officials, the city officials incompetence in running the city properly with similar matters, projects like the bike lane get way out of control.  Its original estimated cost of $1M to $2M per mile catapulted to 12 million a mile, an unconscionable price tag.

I would have to conclude, there are some heavy kick-back taking place, or the estimators in the city are related to the contractors that were awarded the job, or the estimators never graduated from Jr. high school, or all of the above.

To add to the incompetence of the city officials in their estimating; the average cost of living in Seattle has sky rocketed to the point where the average Joe and Jane Blow can not afford to live there.

To say that; all that glitters is not gold is and under statement.

Like a giant snow ball bolting down the mountain, it keeps getting bigger and bigger as it goes, destroying everything in its path, until it finally crashes.

Seattle has huge problems, many of which are self-inflicted.  The authorities insist on making it too convenient and comfortable for the homeless to live there.

The Price of Homelessness: The Seattle area spends more than $1 billion a year on this humanitarian crisis

What is the answer, if there is one?  They can start by taking away the welcome mat and making it less appealing to live there. A vast majority of the homeless would not take a job if it was offered to them. Where is it written that some people are entitled to a free ride for their entire life??

From where I sit, Seattle has monumental, dire conditions on their hands that may not be  reversible.  Partially because of their over the top PC-mentality and the cost of living there, they are driving out all of the tax payers residence and spending billions on people without jobs that do not contribute to the community.

Unless they turn things around very quickly, and I know they won’t, their PC mentality and way of governing is going to put them in boot hill.

One of the biggest problems in Seattle, there are too many multi-millionaires & billionaires who have no respect for the $$$$ and flushing it down the toilet like it is toilet paper.

Years ago I knew a guy that continually stuck his finger in the flame of a candle, BUTT could not figure out why he kept burning his finger!! Well!!

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