Olive branch???

  The New York Times gives its editorial page over to Trump supporters, sparking a debate It has been a policy of mine to NEVER SAY NEVER!! Well????   The New York Times will do away with its editorial¬†page on … Continue reading

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What would be a better time for …..

Fox News North Korea nuclear test site has ‘significant’ work underway: report What would be a better time for the Kid Dick-tator to make his statement by sending a special delivery drop off across the boarder, then the Olympics? Just … Continue reading

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Words to the wise or words from the wise …

Fox News ‘There’s a war coming,’ Marine Corps general warns US troops Four star Marine Corps general Neller is one of the old Corps and can read the handwriting is on the wall.¬† These are very precarious times for the … Continue reading

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Ambassador Rodman????

Dennis Rodman arrives in North Korea to ‘try and open a door’ to Pyongyang I learned a long time ago; never say never to anything. As strange as somethings may seem, I never discount anything. If Dennis The Menace Rodman … Continue reading

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May be the Yellow Brick Road???

CNN.com Ivanka’s role raises red flags I happen to agree with CNN. I think there is a fine line PDT is walking when he hires/appoints/anoints family member and or close friends to positions in his administration. http://www.cnn.com/2017/03/21/opinions/ivanka-move-west-wing-opinion-hossain/index.html There is a … Continue reading

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