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Cuomo’s ‘open letter’ to Trump after Texas school shooting slammed on Twitter: ‘YOU do something’

Hours after a gunman opened fire in a Texas high school classroom, killing at least 10 people, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo took to Twitter demanding President Trump “DO SOMETHING.” After listing seven mass shootings in a tweet to Trump, Cuomo, a Democrat, then drafted a letter.

The May 18 “open letter” calls on Trump, the House of Representatives and the Senate to take action.

“When is enough enough?” Cuomo asks. “How many more innocent people have to die before you act?”

Cuomo, who boasted about his “F” rating from the National Rifle Association (NRA), told the politicians to put their country first,

“You were elected to lead – do something. Your first responsibility is to the people of this country, not the NRA – do something,” Cuomo repeated. “My heart breaks for the families who have to grieve from this needless violence – DO SOMETHING.”

Cuomo is the governor of the State of New York and theoretically has the same power in his state as PDT has in this country.  If Cuomo has a solution, any solution to the out of control gun violence in his state, why hasn’t he done something about it??

Well FOLKS he did. As much as I do not support many of his liberal ideologies, I do agree with this action. In 2013 New York passed the SAFE Act in 2013, the includes the nation’s strictest ban on assault weapons and requires strict universal background checks. If this is one of the suggestions Cuomo wants to pass on to PDT; I would wholeheartedly support him..

The ONLLLLLLLLLY complete answer to ending the gun violence is to control the weapons and the people that own them. The ONLLLLLLLLLY answer to ending gun violence is to rid the BAD GUYS of the weapons. It must be impossible for some fools to visualize going into a war zone unarmed. The chances of survival are about minus 1,000%. That is exactly what would happen in this country if all the GOOD GUYS gave up their weapons, BUTT the BAD GUYS still had theirs.

The ONLLLLLLLLLY way that is going to be resolved,  passing the proper laws, take the  hand cuffs off the cops and military to go after the guys nu-impeded and take them down by any means, once and for all.   IFFFFF that mission is EVER accomplished ( I severely doubt it), then and only then should the GOOD GUYS give up their assault weapons. No one needs an assault weapon to go deer hunting.

I do commend the State of New York for passing laws outlawing assault weapons.

In 2013 New York passed the SAFE Act in 2013, the includes the nation’s strictest ban on assault weapons and requires strict universal background checks.  By passing the law, New York State has the 3rd lowest gun related deaths in the country.

If this is one of the suggestions Cuomo wants to pass on to PDT; I would wholeheartedly support his actions.

It has been my opinion for years; no one in this country should own an assault style weapon except the cops and the military. The laws have to open up and allow the authorities to go after theses criminals without restrictions.  BUTT, if the sale and possessions of these weapons is not impeded, there will never be an end to these mass killings. For all law-abiding citizens to give up their arms when the BAD GUYS still have theirs, it is nothing short of suicides.

In a statement PDT made yesterday in response to Cuomo; “My administration is determined to do everything in our power to protect our students, secure our schools and to keep weapons out of the hands of those who pose a threat to themselves and to others,” “Everyone must work together at every level of government to keep our children safe.”

Well PDT, I guess the ball is your court. Let us all see how well you can dribble.

It is the government’s responsibility to see to it that all of it’s citizens, mainly our kids can go to school or where-ever else and not have to worry about some deranged nutcase that goes berserk and opens fire on them. Just that visualization alone is enough is enough to send chills down a normal person’s spine. That leads me to question some of the mentality of the NRA.  What if some of the victims were one of their own??

If PDT or anyone else does not see the value/validity in a disarmament movement like this, I would have to question their sanity. This initiative has to start yesterday. If not, there will never be an end to these mass shootings.

We do not need anymore of this.  If the article below doesn’t open the eyes of the politicians that wear the blinders, nothing will.

This is NOT supposed to be happening in the Home of the Free and the Brave.


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