Who can stop these fools …..

After Kavanaugh confirmation, Pelosi vows to unearth FBI docs as Dems demand impeachment inquiry

Who the hell in this government has the authority to shut down these psychotic imbeciles  that can not accept the ruling on Kavanaugh??

The are like a school of hysterical piranha swarming over a dead cow’s carcass that has been in the swamp for a year. There is nothing left to pick on.

Most of these fools are only making waves to keep their pathetic names in the news. You know, like Janette when she purposely let her hooter hang out.  All an act for attention FOLKS!!


If this fruit-cake Nan and the other scalpers was spending their own money for the investigation, it would have ended on day one.


Politicians are so used to Carte Blanche on the taxpayer’s dime, they have no regard for how much they spend.  There is no accountability or limits to what they can squander.

Really and truly; people like Pelosi are very powerful, dangerous people. Someone in government should have the authority to ride shot-gun over maniacs like her and shut them down.

IFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF the incident did happen, some drunk kid years 30 some years ago at a beer partry hassled some young lady that also was probably drunk, put his arm around her or brushed against one of her boobs, and it is the end of the world. IFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!

Enough is enough.

The guy isn’t sitting on the bench yet and they are talking impeachment.  GMAFB

I still say; we could wind-up with more people discredited or in jail if the investigators were the fools being investigated.


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