Token or qualified???

White House Breach ‘Unacceptable,’ Secret Service Director Testifies:

Was Pierson really qualified for this very important position as the head of the Secret Service or was she a quota that needed to be filled?


According to records, Julia Pierson was appointed to the head of the Secret Service to help improving the image of the department after the Summit of the Americas prostitution scandal.

One of the Secret Service agents sent ahead to secure the meeting area for Obama tried to stiff one of the hookers by not paying for services rendered and opened a giant can of worms.

Does that really make a lot of sense? Not to me. Is the image of a department improved by appointing the opposite sex of its chief honcho or how the department is run.

It is not a big secret that there are many men that resent taking orders from a female especially in such a rugged atmosphere. Lack of respect and lack of co-operation can cause monumental problems.

The head of the Secret Service should not be a popularity contest but a down to business well oiled machine.

In such a male dominate field and such a sensitive, responsible position I would think that there should be someone in charge that is a hard hitting, has a no nonsense personality and a warrior’s background.

I don’t know of any women that fits that bill except Margret Thrasher or Golda Meir but neither of them are available at the moment.

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Ms. Pierson said she accepts the full responsibility for the breaches of security that took place at the White House on several different occasions recently. What else can she say?

I know one thing, if she was a man she would have been pounding the pavement already.

It is her responsibility to protect the “most important” guy on the planet and his family and her people fell down on the job.

As usual, the first reports of the incidents were white-washed to make them look a lot less severe than they were. There was no mention of one of the intruders being armed and getting into the White House. Cover-ups seem to be the order of the day in all branches of the government.

I am the first one that believes if a women can efficiently do the same job as a man she should be given the position but if it is done just to fill a quota that should be taboo. This may very well have been the situation.


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