That sure isn’t fare!

Uber driver charged in hammer attack on passenger:

Everyone always thought that “The Big Apple” was the nuttiest place for dealing with out of control, obnoxious  cab drivers but San Fran is putting it to shame.

Patrick Karajah a driver for the company Uber is accused of striking a passenger in the head with a hammer during a dispute over the route he was taking, the San Francisco District Attorney’s office said Friday.

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Karajah picked up three people from a gin mill around 2 a.m. last Tuesday morning.

While driving the hack driver got into a dispute and a cussing match with one of his fares over which route to take. The pissed of purveyor slammed on the brake of his carriage, pulled to the curb and threw all of the passengers out.

Now he really showed his ass. Patty Boy then pulled out a hammer from under his seat and commenced playing carpenter on one of the passengers head.

The victim suffered facial fracture and trauma to the head, and was taken to the hospital.

Woody Wood Pecker was arrested at his home later in the day. He and his ambulance chaser pleaded, naturally, not guilty by reason of profanity.


This should be a wakeup call to all that use taxis’ in San Fan as a means of conveyance; “Please beware, the drivers there do not play fare.”


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