Trying to give the Champ a 10 count

It is always about the money.

Ali’s family members are throwing upper cuts and round houses at each-other trying to score a knockout in an attempt to take over the bank account or what he has left of it.

Here is a guy Muhammad Ali (AKA Cassius Clay), once the most feared man on the planet,. Now because of his illness his 4th wife Lonnie is battling with Ali’s 8 kids for control of the empire.


Ali came down with the debilitating Parkinson’s disease in 1984 and Lonnie has been attending to his illness since then. According to his kids she has been taking care of his bank book as well.

It leads me to wonder just how vigilant his kids were as his illness progressed or did the just come out of the closet because it may be close to “cash in time?”

It is believed that The Champ at one time was worth well over 50 million dollar and the family his members believe that Lonnie “went south” with most of it.

Ali who dubbed himself as “the greatest of all time” was a very imposing figure in the ring in his time and may be considered the best fighter that ever lived. He was a man that knew how to “sell wolf tickets” but also knew how to buy them.


There was a friendly dispute between Rocky Marciano who had a 40 – 0 record, the only heavyweight to go undefeated, and Ali as to which one of them was the best.


An enterprising promoter made a computer generated fight between the two champions to settle the argument. It was shown only once on closed circuit and then put into moth balls.

It was a very physical fight between the two men but in the end the “The Brockton Bomber” came out on top.

Ali with his ever present sense of humor said “all of the judges must have been southern white guys.”

To me it is a disgrace that “The Champ” who can no longer defend himself is at the mercy of a bunch of blood suckers.

All of his adult life he has been a very benevolent person and sometime to a fault.  I believe that because he was very gullible and easily swayed he attached himself to Malcolm X that didn’t do his popularity any good.

The entourage he had on the payroll when he was on top of the heap cost him a fortune. After the Champ was dethroned and the money dried up, it looked like someone threw a grenade in the room and everyone ran for cover.

One thing I especially admired about the man; he was colored blind when it came to the little kids. He was a hell of a role model in most respects and led a very clean and respectful life style.


His opposition to the Vietnam War made him public enemy # 1 for quite some time and cost him his title but it eventually turned out he was smarter than most of the people in the USA for getting into a war we didn’t belong in.

It is a heart breaker to see someone that once was the heavy weight champion of the world to be in the condition he is in today.

atre          anb

I hope that his family can put their greed in the closet and give Ali some peace and quiet in whatever time he has left.


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