Sometime the truth hurts

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I really don’t know how accurate these numbers are but even if the narrator was even half right these are staggering  statistics and the fact speak for themselves.

I will agree with his assessment of racism. I really believe that percentage wise there is more prejudice shown against white people by blacks, than white to blacks. Read the news.

The majority of the white people in this country have made a concerted effort to “get along” with the blacks but the reciprocation is slow coming.

The white people elected Obama, who the majority call him “the first black president.” The fact of the matter Mr. O is half black and half white. He was elected in part because the white voters in this country wanted to demonstrate the fact that they are not racists. That fact speaks for itself.

Many of black people in American cannot let go of what happened 1619 when slavery began in this country.  How can I or anyone else be responsible for what their great, great, great grandfather did?

The fact of that matter is that the black people sold their own people into slavery and there were as many black slave owners in this country as there were white.

The first slave owner in American history was black.


Anthony Johnson came to the American colonies in August, 1619 as an indentured servant. In 1623 Johnson had completed his indenture and was recognized as a free negro. In 1651 he acquired 250 acres of land in Virginia, later adding another 250 acres; a sizable holding at the time.

John Casor, a black indentured servant employed by Johnson, became America’s first slave after a legal dispute with Robert Parker. Parker was a white colonist who employed Casor while Casor was still indentured to Johnson. Johnson sued Parker in Northampton Court in 1654. The court upheld Johnson’s right to hold Casor as a slave on March 8, 1655. 

“In 1830 there were 3,775 such slaveholders in the South who owned 12,740 black slaves, with 80% of them located in Louisiana, South Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland. There were economic differences between free blacks of the Upper South and Deep South, with the latter fewer in number, but wealthier and typically of mixed race. Half of the black slaveholders lived in cities rather than the countryside, with most in New Orleans and Charleston.”

Are there white racists? Absolutely yes but through education and hard work their numbers are dwindling.

Can we turn back the clock and change what happened 395 years ago or yesterday? Absolutely not but we have the ability to control what happens tomorrow and in the future.

We all have to think of your kids and grandchildrens futures. If this racial thing continues on the same course it is on, it is going to be totally out of hand in a few years. That is not what anyone should wish on their families future.

It is going to take the combined efforts of ALL leaders, black, white, yellow and green to make it happen. Many of the leaders don’t want this to happen because it will cut into their scheme/scams and profit making.

Just think; if there was racial harmony, how many instigators it would put out of business.

We don’t have to like each-other just respect the other person. Just ask the “First Lady of Soul.”

The key to a brighter future free of racism is for  leaders of all races to get together, put their egos in the closet and work toward a common goal of EDUCATING their people, not stoking the fire every chance they get.

The fact of the matter is; if these so called leaders on all sides of the racial isle had the best interest of their people at heart, they would cut out all of their bull-shit and make an valid attempt put out racial fire instead of setting them.




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