How the truth can hurt at times

Peyton Manning unloads his Papa John’s franchises in Denver area

DiGiorno trolling Papa John’s about losing its NFL sponsorship

Papa John’s is blaming the NFL for hitting its bottom line.


The pizza company, which has been a league sponsor since 2010, sliced its sales and profit forecasts on Tuesday. And Papa John’s founder and CEO John Schnatter wasn’t shy about who he thinks is to blame for the “debacle”: Commissioner Roger Goodell.


“Leadership starts at the top, and this is an example of poor leadership,” Schnatter said on a conference call with investors Wednesday. “The NFL has hurt Papa John’s shareholders.”

Guess what; Pa Pa was right; BUTT, always the big BUTT, it cost an honest man a bundle of DOUGH. In just one day, Schnatter’s net worth dropped 70 million dollar$. That is a lot of pepperoni in anyone’s book. All because he criticized the COWARDLY/ANTI-AMERICAN owners of the NFL when he said;  (“Leadership starts at the top, and this is an example of poor leadership)

So many people at all levels have turned into a bunch of capitulating, PC-sheep cowards with no backbone, integrity, guts/balls (depending what gender), lack of patriotism it is astounding and shameful.

When anyone deliberately demonstrates/takes a stand against their government, they should immediately be given a one way ticket out of the country; possibly to NK where they shave anti-government protestors with rocket launchers. No one is holding a gun to their heads keeping them here.

Speaking of guns to their heads.  There is a very large contingent of people out there that CLAIM the reason they do not want to give up their assault weapons is they are fearful they will need them to defend themselves when out government turns on us.  You know what my answer is to that.

bullChance of that are little to none.

I still contend; after the government rids all of the criminals and terrorists of their assault weapons, there will be no need for the general public to own one. The only people that should be allowed to have them are the military or the cops. Will that day ever come?? Never!!

Back to the Pizza Connection.  One of the sheep leading the herd in BLACK BALLING Pa Pa John’s pizza is Payton Manning. He and his partners sold of 31 of the Pa Pa John’s franchises because of the backlash or rift between Schnatter and the ANTI-AMERICA NFL owners.

This situation can probably be compared to an employee (John) publicly calling his boss (the NFL owners) an asshole. Is he really an asshole? Probably yes; BUTT we all know that is not PC and the truth sometimes hurt$$$$$.

I still say that the Anti-American/billionaire NFL owners are a bunch of cowards. The tail is wagging the dog instead of the dog wagging the tail. To start with, they are showing a great deal of disrespect to the country that made them who they are ANDDD; that money comes before patriotism. Without the freedoms they have enjoyed through the years, enabling to succeed the way they have, many of them would be eating at the city dump.


Last season, because of their cowardliness and gutless co-operation with the kneelers,  a good size chunk of NFL football popularity dwindled. I can only hope that this trend continues in 2018 and beyond.

NFL 2017 ratings decline; National anthem protests |

Personally I give Schnatter credit for speaking his mind; BUTT as we can see, in the Land of the Free Speech, many times it can be costly expressing ones opinion.


This is what it should be all about.


Great man – great patriot!!

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