Ban all assault weapons

Trump Calls for Arming Teachers: A Gun-Free Zone Isn’t ‘A Gun-Free Zone to a Maniac’

I do agree and also disagree with PDT.

EXAMPLE: I know 100’s of BLACK BELTS in the martial arts that could not protect themselves or any one else if the Boggie Man came knocking.  It is one thing knowing the moves/techniques for self-defense and another implementing them and the guts to use them.

A hypothetically guess; I would estimate that out of 100 armed teachers who went through all of the necessary training to carry a weapon, maybe 60% of them or less would heave the nerve to pull the trigger and use it effectively if and when the time ever came.

On the other hand, it may be a deterrent for the criminals just to know  the teachers were armed and may give the fools a second thoughts.   Just knowing the teachers were armed may help immensity.

My suggestion is to station A WELL TRAINED guard at each entrance door of each school in the country would be a much better solution.

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics. (2016). Digest of Education Statistics, 2015

For the sake of conversation; let  us say there are 200,000 schools in the USA, each having 4 doors of entry and exit. That means the USA can train and hire 800,000 people right off the bat. Good protection for the kids and getting 800,000 people employed at the same time. It may sound like a monumental task, BUTT what is the alternative. Any other sense-able suggestions?? Sad to say that is what it has come to. If one person’s life is saved, it will be worth it.

The USA’s leaders piss away trillion$ every year on foolish/unnecessary pet projects; many of which are protecting illegals and people in other countries, while our country is under siege.  I can not imagine one of them disagreeing with keeping our kids safe. On SECOND THOUGHT; I will reconsider that statement.  There are to many idiots politicians out there, it is impossible to count them.

The one very obvious element that exists in this country today are the uninformed or  people that do not realize or do not care about the dangers in this country if ONLY the good guys were unarmed.  The terrorists and the banditos would have a field day and go on a killing spree if they were the only ones that had the fire power.

In an ideal world, there would be no necessity for any kind of weapons that could harm another human-being; BUTT that is not the reality of it.

Over the centuries, mankind has put itself in such a precarious situation with it’s development of and use of deadly weapons; at this point there is no turning back. The only hope we have for survival is, for ALL MEN to come together and settle their differences in a respectable, levelheaded manner.  For that one I will give it:


It is beyond disgraceful and an absolute mortal sin that society has put itself in such an untenable position where we can not even feel that our kids are safe in school. Schools used to be the safest place our kids could be.

As a gun owner and a conceal and carry guy; I will maintain that no one but the military needs or have in their possession a semi or automatic weapon.

Pass the necessary laws that outlaw/prohibits them. If it takes eliminating them one at a time, we have to star somewhere.  The authorities know who has these weapons and knows where they are.  Give them the authority to commandeer the assault weapons either peacefully or by whatever means necessary.

Once the authorities have a handle on relieving the banditos of their illegal weapons (wishful thinking), only then, when everyone is on a level playing field, I would say; that would be time for the Joe Blow citizen to do the same.

Face facts folks; if this pattern of massacres continues as I expect it is going to; the body count of a lot of innocent people, mainly kids is going to escalate dramatically.  Don’t stick your heads in the sand like it doesn’t exist and hope it will get better; it never does!!

Closing observations:

  1. Anyone that disagrees with outlawing semi and automatic weapons IF the banditos and terrorists did not have them; they are fools.
  2. Anyone that does not think there is an absolute danger for law-abiding citizens not to be as well armed as the enemy, they are living on another planet.
  3. Anyone that does not agree, one of the primary reasons the crime rate would be a lot higher if Joe Blow citizen was not armed; because the banditos and terrorists know, there are people out there that can and will shoot straight, they  are living in outer space.

It is an absolute sacrilege on mankind who has put itself in this precarious position. Now it is up to them to reverse it. Personally; I don’t ever think it will ever happen.

For any person; I don’t care who they are or what their capacity in life is; from the president to a sanitary engineer,  if they do not agree that assault weapons are a danger to mankind and the only people that should be allowed to have them is the military and the cops, they are all imbeciles.


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