Democratic House candidate pepper sprays himself to promote gun control


A Democratic congressional candidate in Colorado released a campaign ad featuring him being pepper sprayed in the eyes in a bid to encourage non-lethal self-defense tools in schools to deter gun violence.

Levi Tillemann, who’s trying to woo the voters in the upcoming party’s primary in less than two weeks, criticized President Trump’s suggestion to arm school officials and teachers with guns, claiming pepper spray is a better alternative to stop potential school shooters.

“I’m calling on Congress to stop talking past each other and try something new,” Tilleman says in the video. “Empower schools and teachers with non-lethal self-defense tools, like this can of pepper spray.”

We all know why jokers like Mr. Tilleman rattle the bush now and then, only to make a little noise to have themselves be noticed.

To start with, in order to pepper spray someone effectively, they have to be closer than 10 – 15 feet away.

One of the most dangerous people (beside a politician) on the planet are, anyone to speak on or touts an item/sunbect they are unfamiliar with.  If Tilleman would have suggested pepper spray and a gun back-up, that MAY make a little sense.

Do we have any idea how many black belts in the martial arts can not defend themselves effectively? I would estimate more than 60% would be dead in the water in a real self-defense situation.  Point being, having a weapon of any type  and having the skills or nerve to used it are very different animals. Leave the sawing to the carpenter.

The majority of the school shooting were done by maniacs with assault rifles. The 1st consideration in a that situation is, how to kill this nut-case immediately and stop them permanently, not to impair them.

Before making this suggestion, Tilleman must have consulted with the people in Philly that issued all of their teachers baseball bat to deal with these crazed killers.

Pennsylvania school district arms teachers with small baseball bats as …


Apr 11, 2018 – Pennsylvania school district arms teachers with small baseball bats as ‘last resort’ … said the bats are symbolic, but not all parents think they’re worth the cost. … The perennial issue of school shootings has taken renewed …

As the old saying goes; we should never take a stick to a gun fight.

What the schools in Florida are doing by hiring well-trained, armed guards is the best solution to prevent future incidents.  They must be employed full-time, not part-time. Like anything else, when the guard dog leaves the house that is when the burglar robs the place.

Is pepper spray or any other self-defense tool good if nothing else is available? Absolutely yes; BUTT if we have our druthers, we should never take a stick to a gun fight.

I don’t foresee many school districts in the country implementing what Florida has.  They will all wait until the next massacre and ask the same old DEAD question. What can we do to prevent this??

A good offense is a great defense. Pepper spray is not the answer.



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