The big con ….

When Sirius  radio came onto the market place, it was supposed to be a pay radio network, free of commercials, at least that was their premise was.  Like almost everything else in the con game of life, it was only a rouse.  That lasted for a couple of years until they had the hooks in.


It is not cheap. The price has gone up about triple what it initially was. I think some people are paying upwards of 150.00$ a year for the service.

A little hint. Next time your outrageous bill is due, tell them you are going to cancel if they do not drop the price. It really works.

I didn’t tell the owners of Sirius to pay Howard Stern 500,000.00$ to come onboard.  He was supposed to be their big attraction. I say more power to the Shock Jock.


It was all a con to get subscribers hooked.  After the claws were in, little at a time they started sneaking in commercials on what they called a commercial free network. 

The very same thing is happening with all of the website on the computer. It is almost impossible to click onto a website that does not have annoying advertising before it’s intended  content. It is a real pain in the ass, both with Sirius and the internet.

It is the same strategy as a casino used when it first opens. They let the patrons/suckers win for the first couple months, until they have their claws stuck into the gamblers, then they grind in off in them where the sun doesn’t shine.

The big kicker is with the casinos; they have a sign posted on their website, in the shit houses and scattered around the casino; GAMBLE RESPONSIBILITY!!  Who are they trying to bull-shit. They would steal the last dime from a 5-year-old kid if they could and then beat him up.

BETTER YET; now in some states, the sucker gamblers can use credit cards to purchase lottery ticket from vending machines. GAMBLE RESPONSIBILITY!! 

I am getting sick and tired of being subjected to advertising I pay good money not to have, when I turn on the radio or log onto a website. After all, like everyone else, I am paying big bucks for internet service. There should be no advertising allowed on PAY RADIO and websites.

Like in corporate America, the birds on the bottom branch always take the brunt of the shit by the upper echelon.


My little friend is sending a personal message to all of the hustling pirates out there.  He is the kid they stole the dime from.



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