Corruption in government at its finest

To think that our government is so corrupted that they allow such deceptive practices in our voting system is unconscionable.

AN “X” IN THE YES BOX MEANS NO AND an “X” IN THE NO BOX MEANS YES.  How can you beat that for deception at its finest??

Ohioans Against the Deceptive Rx Ballot Issue. The deceptive Rx proposal is a prescription for disaster.

If nothing else – If nothing else; this takes the grand prize for our politicians trying to screw us without using any Vasoline.



Taxpayers pay for reasonable attorney fees?? Holy shit, is there ever an end to how low and to the extent they will stoop?? As crooked as these people are, that alone could be in the millions.

How can these political thieves permit such underhanded and despicable tactics?? Answer: they are all in bed with one another.

It is not good enough for them to lay the issues on the line as they truly are and let the voters make an honest decision; the sneaky bastards hide the fine print and hope no one reads it.


God Bless America – with all of the bums at the helm as we have, we need all the help we can get.

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