Frank and Jesse James – what a team

‘Smoking gun’ email reveals Obama DOJ blocked conservative groups from settlement funds, GOP lawmaker says

The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee claims he obtained a “smoking gun” email that proves the Obama Justice Department prevented settlement payouts from going to conservative-leaning organizations, even as liberal groups were awarded money and DOJ officials denied “picking and choosing” recipients.

I suppose that all of the liberals in the country will say that the emails were false or really do not exist.


We got them again Holdi

Notice, Jesse is wear the American flag pin, Frank is not.

There are so many skeleton in their closets, it would take all of the moving trucks Allied Van owns to put them in storage.


For some mysterious reason, only to some people, they want to believe that all of the FOLKS in the Obama administration have a halo waiting for them at the pearly gates. Their administration ranks up their with one of the worse we had in history.

Many of the things they did, they did with a vengeance and racial overtones. Obama needed a highly intelligent, very calloused, straight forward, front-man to do and say the things he couldn’t because he was president.  Not only was the election a political victory for Mr. O; his new position enabled him and his supporters to get back at the white man.

Holder came out firing:


If I remember correctly, their was very little conversation made about his comments.

Many of the people are still talking about slavery. That is OK, it should not be swept under the rug, just like the confederate issues shouldn’t be. BUT; should anyone in this world be held accountable for what their father did, let alone someone 30  generations before them??  If they want to reveal the facts, they must be truthful and admit, THEIR  people had as big a hand in promoting slavery as the white people did.

“At the PEAK of slavery in 1860, only 1.4% of Americans owned slaves. What your history books (don’t) tell you is that 3,000 blacks owned a total of 20,000 slaves the same year.”


No one knows to what extent Obama and crew went to to GET EVEN but we can safely say, the ultra-liberal/PC movement that he was so firmly behind set this country back decades. In my opinion, the USA never has the chance of getting back and being the power-house in the world it once was.

The mysterious reason I was referring to earlier, can all be spelled out in BLACK & WHITE.

So many people voted for Obama in 2008 ONLY because he is black. Theoretically he did not have the qualifications it took to run for the presidency. I can probably say that about a lot of them that made it. His especially was very limited.
The reason he got away without being criticized for many things he and his crew did, is because he is black. Very few people had the nerve to challenge him because they would be labeled as racist and be ostracized by society.
When Jesse Barack James needed a guy to do his dirty work, he found the perfect front-man when he picked his brother Frank Erik James.
I always give THE DEVIL their due. Regardless of how much I may dislike Frank Erik James, he was the perfect guy for the job. He is a hatchet-man, doesn’t care about stepping on people’s toes, has a heart of stone and is as direct as a person can be. That is my type of man. No secrets, SHOT STRAIGHT FROM THE HIP.  Only difference being, be fair, impartial and truthful!!
LOGO gg - Copy
My biggest objection with Holder was; in the position he was in, his responsibility was to rule with blinders on, treating all of the citizens of this country equally.  Being the AG of the USA should not give the person a license to settle old scores or pay the game of GET BACK.
That premise should apply to anyone of any race that holds that position or any other position in politics. BUT, that is not the way the world turns.
Just like in any other presidential library; the only thing that Obama’s show-case will reveal are the positive things about the man.
It doesn’t surprise me when it comes to the extravagance of politicians because it is not their $oldi;  Recently it was revealed that President Barack Obama intends to raise $1 billion to build his library and fund the associated endowment. Let me say this again: The president intends to raise one billion dollars for his library.
I see that book binding has gone up considerably in the last few years.
One thing can’t ever be denied about Barrack Obama; he has one of the biggest egos on the planet. $1,000,000,000.00 ????
The most beneficial  thing  Mr. O had going for him no other president had; his color.  That alone is one of the primary reasons very few people ever challenged what he did.  Those that deny it are, living under a rock, delusional or liars. 
As far as digging up dirt and improprieties on Obama and company, we will never know the extent or factual story, just like with so many other presidents in the past. 
Regardless of what they may find on Jesse and Frank; it will be of no consequence. They might as well shit can it right now and save millions of investigate dollar$. It is a waste of time and dollar$.

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