News media, get off of this Black-man kick already !!!!!

Philadelphia police chief defends officers who arrested black men at Starbucks

The CEO of Starbucks apologized, the mayor of Philadelphia was “heartbroken” and the city police commissioner defended officers who handcuffed and arrested two black men who asked to use a restroom in the coffee shop.

Were these men arrested because they broke the law or because they were black?  They were clearly informed that the rest rooms in Starbucks were for the use of CUSTOMERS ONLY.  They did not accept that explanation, refused to leave the premises when axed to leave. When they refused, the fuzz was called and they were removed from the property, as they should have been.

It GOTTA to be the motive of the news media to keep the racial fire burning by printing nonsensical material like this. Lets face it; if they do not keep stirring the shit pot, they will not sell any papers.

shit pot

Would it achieve the same purpose if the headlines read:

Philadelphia police chief defends officers who arrested men at Starbucks

Instead of

Philadelphia police chief defends officers who arrested black men at Starbucks

Gotta put the BLACK in there to see if they can rile up a few groups to start a riot or burn down a few building. That is where the BIG NEW is.

I certainly think that the cops did go a little overboard by handcuffing the two men. They didn’t rob a bank.

On the other side of the coin; did the two men call their ambulance chaser as soon as the cuffs were off?  May be a law suit over the horizon.  Possibly free cappuccino for the rest of their lives.

Possibly someday we can ALL drop the racial connotations to try  and avoid unnecessary disdain and hatred for one another.  BUTT that would not sell papers or make headline news.

It appears to me, the hypocritical people who profess their aversion for racism are some of the biggest instigators.

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