Leave it to an ambulance chaser …

Ex-Stanford swimmer performed ‘sexual outercourse,’ not rape, lawyer argues in appeal


Leave it to an ambulance chaser to come up with a new ridiculous term to try to justify what his convicted rapist client did. A lot of their creativity only is applied, depending on how much $oldi the parents have under their mattress.


Turner was indicted on January 28, 2015, on five charges: two for rape, two for felony sexual assault, and one for attempted rape.[8] He was arraigned on February 2, 2015, pleading not guilty on all five charges.[9] On October 7, 2015, after reviewing the results of DNA tests, the two rape charges were dropped by prosecutors.[4][8] The trial began on March 14, 2016,[10] and concluded on March 30, 2016, with Turner being convicted of the three remaining charges of felony sexual assault.[11][12] The convictions carried a potential sentence of 14 years in prison. Prosecutors recommended six years in prison while probation officials recommended a “moderate” county jail sentence.[13] On June 2, 2016, Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky sentenced Turner to six months confinement in the Santa Clara County jail (of which he served half) to be followed by three years of probation. Additionally, Turner was informed of his life-long obligation to be lawfully registered as a sex offender[14] and furthermore, ordered to complete a state approved rehabilitation program for sex offenders.[12]

Fox News

A lawyer for former Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner argued this week that his client’s attempted rape conviction should be overturned because he was practicing “sexual outercourse,” which the lawyer described as a form of “safe sex.”

Turner never intended to rape an unconscious woman, he said. The lawyer cited witness accounts that Turner was “violently thrusting but fully clothed” when two Swedish graduate students found him on top of a half-naked, intoxicated woman in 2015.

Goomba Gazette

Sexual outercourse?? This attorney is either brilliant or a fool. I can’t make up my mind.


One member of a three-justice appellate panel hearing the case presented by attorney Eric Malthaup wasn’t buying into the mouthpiece’s line of bull-shit.


It appears to me that the more redicilous/outrageous a person is, the more attention they get, which is exactly what their motive is.
Shades of the Affluenza Kid.
According to the nit-wit judge that sentenced him, the kid  was not supposed to know right from wrong because the brat was raised by two more very affluent nit-wits (his parents)  that spoiled him rotten and didn’t teach the kid the facts of life properly. Thus the term affluenza was born.
The PC-pathetic judge Jean Boyd got sucked into the ambulance chasers line of bull-shit, must have been smoking crack or was on the pad. She gave the Affluenza Kid 10 years probation for killing 4 people with his truck he driving when was smashed out of his mind.
I always revert back to common-sense. What if one of those victims were related to the judge??
Couch was indicted on four counts of intoxication manslaughter for recklessly driving under the influence. In December 2013, Judge Jean Hudson Boyd sentenced Couch to ten years of probation and subsequently ordered him to therapy at a long-term in-patient facility,[5] after his attorneys argued that the teen had “affluenza” and needed rehabilitation instead of prison.[6] Couch’s sentence, believed by many to be incredibly lenient, set off what The New York Times called “an emotional, angry debate that has stretched far beyond the North Texas suburbs”.[7]
Now we have another creative ambulance chaser that has come up with similarly  preposterous term sexual outercourse, hoping to get another judge  agree with him as in The Affluenza Kid’s case.
The panel of three judges have 90 days in which to rule. 90 days?? Three kids from any 2nd grade class could come up with a decision in 30 seconds.
FOLKS; it is not rocket science. This punk rapist, raped that girl whether he had his cloths on or not. Hopefully, the new term sexual outercourse does not wash in the court of law like affluenza did.
Gotta give these high-flying/no conscience ambulance credit for their ingenuity/ creativity and big balls. Thankfully there are a few of them out there that get shot down by the honest/common-sensed judges.
The next thing we are going to hear; the disrobed dude that robbed the bank wasn’t really robbing the bank because he was naked.

Naked bank robber found not guilty by reason of insanity

Was Wild Bill having sex with whats her name who was under his desk?? As far as I know, they both were fully clothed.
As the world spins out of control.
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