For a the cost of a traffic ticket, she died …

Woman lay dead in Nevada jail cell for hours after deputy found her unresponsive

Incidents like this is what really frosts my tomatoes.

It is a clear as the blue skies above that there ABSOLUTELY was negligence in this case and the authorities are denying it.

RENO, Nevada — Locked away in a Nevada county jail for failing to take care of her traffic tickets, 27-year-old Kelly Coltrain asked to go to the hospital. Instead, as her condition worsened, she was handed a mop and told to clean up her own vomit. She died in her jail cell less than an hour later.

Despite being in a video-monitored cell, Mineral County Sheriff’s deputies did not recognize that Coltrain had suffered an apparent seizure and had not moved for more than six hours. When a deputy finally entered her cell and couldn’t wake her, he did not call for medical assistance or attempt to resuscitate her. Coltrain lay dead in her cell until the next morning when state officials arrived to investigate.

On Wednesday, Coltrain’s mother, father and grandmother filed a wrongful death lawsuit, accusing the sheriff’s office of ignoring her life-threatening medical condition despite knowing that she was suffering withdrawals and had a history of seizures.

“(Jail staff) knew Kelly Coltrain had lain for days at the jail, in bed, buried beneath blankets, vomiting multiple times, refusing meals, trembling, shaking, and rarely moving,” lawyers Terri Keyser-Cooper and Kerry Doyle wrote in the lawsuit. “Defendants knew Kelly Coltrain was in medical distress.”

“Kelly Coltrain’s medical condition was treatable and her death preventable,” the lawyers wrote. “If Ms. Coltrain had received timely and appropriate medical care, she would not have died. Kelly Coltrain suffered a protracted, extensive, painful, unnecessary death as a result of defendants’ failures.”

‘The worst I have ever seen’

Keyser-Cooper, who has a decades-long career of successful civil rights lawsuits against Northern Nevada police agencies, said this case is “the worst I have ever seen in 33 years. I’ve never seen anything like this.”

YETTTT; To avoid a conflict of interest, the investigation was forwarded to Lyon County District Attorney Stephen Rye for review. Rye declined to press charges in the case.

“The review of the case, in our opinion, did not establish any willful or malicious acts by jail staff that would justify the filing of charges under the requirements of the statute,” Rye said.

It is despicable.  With all of the video taping and evidence against the county, there absolutely was dereliction of duty, BUTT the district ambulance chaser does not see it that way.  SHAMEFUL.

A FEW EXAMPLES of law-enforcement failure to exact justice:

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    These cases are just the tip of the iceberg, there are 1,000’s more like them.  On top of it all, the authorities wonder why the general public has a hard on for them.  If they would get their heads out of their ass and be impartial and fair under these circumstances,  the public would have more respect and confidence in them.

    How can any blame the people in the above mentioned case and others like them for being pissed off and fed up with law-enforcement authorities??

    Sad it say, these cases are about maybe 1/10 of 1 percent, BUTT they give the cops all over the country a black eye. The prosecutors  are supposed to be intelligent people. Do they not know that absurd decisions as this only add fuel to the fires?? If not, they have to wake up and smell the napalm.


    All because Kelly Coltrain had some outstanding traffic offenses and she was neglected by some heartless jailers, she met her demise at a very early age.

    As our sad world turns!!

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