Add it to the pleasures of flying …

An Emirates airline Airbus A380 super-jumbo jet was briefly quarantined at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport after numerous passengers fell ill on a flight arriving from Dubai early Wednesday.

People getting sick on an airplane is just another in the long line of inconveniences, hassles, pain in the ass elements of flying.

After the arduous task of making it through the long lines in security, the harassment from some of the unconcerned/rude airline employees, then having to deal with the pushing and shoving by nut case airlines passengers, by the time you get to your seat, you are exhausted. Fun HUH???

Lately, there have been more molestation by some horny bastard grabbing some women’s boobs while she is sleeping, two idiots that can wait to get to the motel before they start laying pipe, drunks harassing everyone, fights breaking out, and the ultimate threat of possible terrorism. Fun HUH???


On top of all of those hassles, we have:

Flight Delays

Having your flight delayed is a significant disadvantage of flying on an airplane. The U.S. Department of Transportation monitors flight arrival times, and in July 2012, among airports that were tracked, just 64 percent of United Airlines flights arrived on time. A delay of just a few minutes is not necessarily serious, but a long delay can force you to miss a connecting flight or business engagement.

Time Consuming

If you wish to travel to another continent or across North America, air travel is the fastest way to reach your destination. But shorter flights can often take longer than driving, especially if they’re not direct. For example, driving from Boston to New York City takes approximately four hours, depending on traffic. But many American Airlines flights from Boston to New York City stop over in Chicago, meaning these trips average between six and nine hours.


Many airlines offer discount flights within the country, but airline travel is costly compared with other methods of travel. It’s possible to get a low-priced ticket if you purchase it far in advance, but if you need to fly at the last minute, expect to pay a premium for your flight. Traveling from Boston to New York City by car is roughly a 225-mile trip, which would likely require just one tank of gas. An American Airlines one-way flight between the two cities, as of October 2012, cost more than $400, making air travel significantly more expensive than driving.

Lost Baggage

One of the worst parts about flying is learning that your luggage hasn’t arrived at your destination. In 2011, a U.S. Department of Transportation study revealed 3.39 reports of lost luggage per 1,000 travelers in the U.S. While these numbers show that the odds of having your baggage lost are low, missing luggage is a serious inconvenience for those affected.

The ONLY plus to air travel is, if the plane does not take a nose dive (THANK GOODNESS IT IS RARE THE ONE DOES), it is the fastest, and supposed safest means of transportation.
BUTT when considering all of the downsides, it makes a person wonder if it is all worth it. Throw some ptomaine poisoning or a few sick passengers into the mix and we have a perfect storm.

Air safety in 2018: should we be concerned about flying? – The National

Mar 14, 2018 – 2017 was a spotless year for commercial travel, so why has 2018 started off … Air travel remains the safest mode of transport in the world, and ..

As our twisted world turns; very seldom do conditions improve. They usually go from bad to worse.
It may not be a bad idea if all of the passengers were obligated to wear masks to cover their nose and mouth.
That alone would help immensely in deterring sicknesses. BUTT the airlines would not go for it, it would bring their revenue down to zero in the booze selling department.  It would be tragic for the airlines not to be able to get their passengers hammered.  It is all about the $oldi!!

Those tiny bottles of booze are big profits for airlines, which are raking in the dough from selling those single-serve bottles of liquor and wine during flights.

Profits from in-flight sales of booze was more than $43 million in a recent four month period. That’s not nearly as much as they earned from checked baggage fees, but it’s still nothing to cry in your beer about.

According to data by the onboard technology company GuestLogix, passengers spend three times more in-flight on alcohol than on food. That’s not surprising, since you can bring snacks from home to eat in-flight, and airport food courts will pack up a pizza or burger to go. But TSA and FAA regulations make it all but impossible for you to bring your own booze on board.

Naturally; TSA does not allow passengers to carry their own hooch onboard, there again, zero profit for the airlines. All of the scammers work hand in hand.

What is the solution??

Rule # 1, Only travel when necessary – Rule # 2, Hope you reach your destination in one piece with all of you clothing still attached to your body and in good health.

Suggestion: Bring your own chow. Along with the piss poor services and the hassles of flying, the food has gotten as bad as the prices that have gone sky-high.

They have not put any restriction with carry on food yet, BUTT they will.

Who would have ever thought we would be paying for checking extra baggage,  to use pillow, a blanket or to change to a more comfortable seat that is unoccupied.  It is not over; if the Unfriendly Skies can think of any another way to screw their passengers, they most certainly will.



Bon Voyage.

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