Not for me!!!!

Why salad vending machines are becoming big business in Chicago

The FOLKS in the Windy City don’t have enough to worry about, like getting gunned walking down in the streets.  Now they have a new adversary to worry about, like possibly getting TOE-MAINED  by eating salad from a vending machine.

Since 2013  more than 170 salad vending machines called Farmer’s Fridge have popped up throughout the city in airports, universities, hospitals and shopping areas, all because a 27-year-old sales representative says he could never find anything healthy to eat on the road.

“I was driving a thousand miles a week at one point and was thinking about how I could get fresh healthy food in more places, so I sort of backed into the idea of a vending machine as a way to have something that could sell food 24 hours a day,” Luke Saunders, the founder and CEO of Farmer’s Fridge, tells FOX Business.

Saunders brain-storm kept EATING at him. He quit his job and put his idea into action, calling it Farmers Fridge.

Even he was concerned about the spoilage and people getting sick from contaminated food, BUTT he put his fears aside and moved forward.

To date, Farmer’s Fridge has sold one million salads through its fridges in Chicago and Milwaukee with plans to expand even more in 2019.

For my personal taste, I would never buy a salad from a vending machine, BUTT what the hell do I know, the guy sold over a million already.

Trusting, foolish, hungry, people in a hurry will eat anything, from anywhere because they do not have time to stop and eat.

The fact of the matter is; at least 13 people a year die from food the bought from vending machines. That is aside from the 100’s, possibly 1,000’s that wind up in sick bay deadly sick.

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In the last two years, in New York City alone, 24 vendors lost their licenses because of repeated offenses of contaminated food— and 11,268 violations were handed out.

The cart and the vendors are  all not violating the clean cart law, BUTT enough of them are to raise concerns.

Speaking for getting sick while eating out. How long before Chipolte goes under?  Over the years they made 1,000’s of customers sick??

Over 130 people say they got sick after eating at a Chipotle that was …

Jul 20, 2017 – More than 130 people fell ill after eating at the Sterling, Virginia Chipotle that’s at the center of a suspected norovirus outbreak, according to a …

than 600 people got sick after eating at one Chipotle. Health officials …

6 days ago – Ohio health officials say more than 600 people were sickened after eating at a Chipotle outlet outside of Columbus over the last week of July.
This proves my point. The foolishness of some people is astounding.  Not only will they continue to go to a fight without weapons to protect themselves, BUTT they bring a ball bat and give it to their attacker.  How many times does a fool have to get sick in the same place before they boycott the joint??
The arguments may be from some fools; based on all the people who eat from vendors, the odds against getting TOE-MAIN are slim. That is correct; UNTIL you are one of them.


Vending machines and food carts are not for me!!!! BUTT don’t let me stop you.  Make sure to have plenty of Brioschi with you as you dine and dash!!




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