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Airline co-pilot ‘sucked halfway’ out cockpit window, reports say

“Suddenly, the windshield just cracked and made a loud bang,” pilot reportedly said. “The next thing I know, my co-pilot had been sucked halfway out of the window.”

It is a good thing he was wearing his seat belt, if not, he would have been just another statistic this morning.

With air travel increasing the way it has over the years, it only stands to reason that there are going to be more and more mishaps with aircraft.

IATA – More than 7% increase in Air Travel Compared to Last Year

Oct 9, 2017 – More than 7% increase in Air Travel Compared to Last Year. 2017 Edition of IATA World Air Transport Statistics Released. Passenger. Passenger Traffic by Nationality. A new feature available this year in the WATS+ edition is the ranking of passenger numbers in terms of nationality (citizenship). New Model Airlines. …

• Growth of global air traffic passenger demand 2017 | Statistic › Transportation & Logistics › Aviation


By 2018, traffic is rpojected to grow with another six percent. On a global scale, passenger air travel is expected to maintain positive growth rates up to 2030, despite a number of challenges faced by the industry: Airlines around the world are struggling with high jet fuel prices and sluggish economic growth.

Air travel demand projected to double in 20 years – USA Today

Jun 8, 2015 – The demand for air travel will likely double by 2035, according to PwC’s … where the increase in passengers is supposed to be most explosive.

Some experts say that an aircraft is built to last indefinitely or up to least 30 years.  I would find that very difficult to believe.  I wonder how many of the experts are driving a 30 year old car??

At a glance | Which major airline has the oldest fleet?

Ranking Airline Average age of fleet
1 Delta Airlines 17 years
2 Air Canada 14.2 years
3 United Airlines 14.1 years
4 British Airways 13.2 years
5 Air France 12.6 years
6 Lufthansa 11.5 years
Southwest Airlines 11.5 years
8 KLM 10.7 years
9 American Airlines 10.3 years
10 Qantas 9.7 years
11 Thai Airways 9.6 years
12 All Nippon Airways 9.4 years
13 Jet Blue Airways 9.3 years
14 Korean Air 9.2 years
15 Japan Airlines 8.7 years
16 LATAM Brazil 8.1 years
Singapore Airlines 8.1 years
18 Cathay Pacific 7.7 years
19 EasyJet (UK) 7.2 years
20 China Southern Airlines 6.9 years
21 Ryanair 6.5 years
22 Air China 6.3 years
23 Etihad 6.1 years
Qatar Airways 6.1 years
25 Saudi Arabian Airlines 5.9 years
26 Emirates 5.4 years
27 China Eastern Airlines 5.3 years
28 Hainan Airlines 4.9 years
29 Aeroflot 4.2 years
30 Turkish Airlines

As we can see, Delta is really trying to squeeze all the juice they can out of their aircraft with an average age of 17 years. Considering that and the fact that Delta has a lot of anti-passenger issues, I try my best to stay away from them when flying. I have had too many bad experiences with them.

The vast majority of accidents are not due to negligence, BUTT as the old saying goes; shit happens; especially when the planes get older.  There are too many individual parts and pieces to an aircraft to thoroughly inspect before ever flight. I guess we just have to wear our seat belts and our favorite rabbits foot or religious medal around our necks. hoping we land at our destination safely.


One announcement that has always troubled me when flying, is when the pilot announces just before landing; we will be hitting the ground shortly;ouch!! I would rather prefer that the word landing would be more appropriate.

Mechanical issues are one thing, BUTT if we are unlucky enough to be the unlucky stiffs that get a pilot that wants to commit Hari-Kari, then we are really screwed.


WWII: When these guys took off from Japan, they only had enough fuel to make a one way trip. I don’t know why the hell they are smiling.

Accidents due to aircraft malfunctions are bad enough, BUTT dealing with a pilot that  has suicide on his mind, it is entirely another issue.  How can that be prevented?? It is very difficult, possibly it can’t be prevented.

Pilots are also required to undergo a medical exam annually or every six months, depending on their age, that is administered by an FAA certified medical examiner. Most of the exam is devoted to the pilot’s physical condition. Examiners aren’t required to ask specific mental-health questions. However, they evaluate a pilot’s mental health based on their conversation with the pilot during the exam.

Pilots are also required to fill out a health form in conjunction with their visits that asks whether they’ve ever been diagnosed with or are being treated or taking medications for a mental illness. While examiners can decline to issue a medical certificate, they don’t currently alert the FAA to mental health concerns, Berry said. Just 1.1 percent of U.S. airline pilots are denied medical certificates at the time of their exams, and only .05 percent are finally denied a medical certificate after the FAA considers all the medical information, according to the FAA.

Even considering the frequency of the testing; some people that are psychotic flip their lids overnight and leave very few clue’s before they pull the plug.

I guess the only answer hopefully to coming out the other end in one piece is; say a prayer and hope your pilot is not a nut case.

One critical suggestion; don’t take a window seat, it can get a little drafty.


Let’s face it; in these tumultuous world we live in, overrun with terrorism, gang violence, nut cases that go off of the deep end and the copycats that follow them, pilots that want to end it all, and so forth,  we take our lives in our hands every-time we walk out the door.

My other suggestion is; don’t go where you don’t belong – go to classes with a bonafied instructor and get a conceal & carry permit – don’t be afraid to use it if you are forced to and just MAYBE, just MAYBE you and your loved ones will be lucky enough to live to a ripe old age, strapped in a wheel chair and still have half of your marbles left.  That too is a fate worse than death.


We may be screwed any direction we turn.





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