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‘They cannot dive at this time’: Soccer team not ready to make escape from Thailand cave

I  don’t know any of the logistics – the lay of the land or how deep the cave is from the top of the mountain down.

I would assume that a rescue could be made like the one in Chile where the miners  were trapped.  GPS was used to get their exact location – drilling rigs were set up and drilled a sizable hole right with a casing into the mine and the miners were extracted that way.


This is 2018. I am sure that provision can be made, if even by airlifting the necessary equipment to the sight with a Sikorsky Sky Crane.

index.jpg             index.jpg

Years ago I assisted in taking down a tower crane off of a building with the Sky Crane.  It is an amazing machine.

If the rescue is not possible from the cave entrance at water level, they should go from the top down; providing there is not some specific reason it can not be done in that manner.  10 heads are better than 9.

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