Nix on the dogs FOLKS!!!!

43 Percent Of Americans Are Afraid To Find Out What’s In Hot Dogs:

and they should be

Americans eat 20 billion hot dogs a year, but 43 percent of us are too scared to find out what’s in them.

According to the American Cancer Society, nitrites, nitrates and heterocyclic amines found in hot dogs have been shown to cause cancer in animals. High consumption of hot dogs and deli meats (defined as 1 ounce per day, five to six times a week for men, and 1 ounce per day, two to three times a week for women) is associated with increased risk of colon cancer. If you look at those numbers, it’s entirely possible that someone who regularly eats hot dogs could fall into that “high consumption” category.

images            colon-cancer-preview


If you don’t want to take your life in your mouth, nix the dogs. Getting colon cancer and walking around with a bag on your hip the rest of your life is not fun. I DON’T even want to mention the maintenance of wear a bag and all of its ramification.


That say a lot about the hot  dog manufacturers and the government that allow poisonous products like hot dogs on the market.

It is not how long we live; it is how well we live. All it takes most times is being proactive and catch diseases and illnesses before they get out of hand.

Colon cancer screening should begin at age 50 for most people. If a colonoscopy doesn’t find adenomas or cancer and you don’t have risk factors, the next test should be in ten years. If one or two small, low-risk adenomas are removed, the exam should be repeated in five to ten years.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of hot dogs. Don’t be a fool; stay on top of your health issues. You may live long enough to look like this guy!!


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