Time to drift into the sunset Mr. O….

Former President Barack Obama endorses 81 candidates in U.S. midterms, says he’s ‘eager’ to get involved

TMC can’t let go of that gigantic ego.  He did his time (8 years too long), left a disastrous trail behind him on the country that we will be paying for in years to come, BUTT still has to feed that ego by being INVOLVED.

Whether he wants to admit it or not, he is one of the contributing factors that cost CHC the election. So, I would conclude, getting an endorsement from TMC would be like Jesse James supporting Billy the Kid for mayor of Dodge City.

I am thoroughly convinced that 95% of all politicians are not in the GAME to make the conditions for the American as good as they possibly can; they are strictly consumed with breaking each-others balls and enriching themselves for life.


The very first thing that comes out of their mouth is to disagree with the opposing party, regardless how sensible or productive any new initiative may be or sound it is.

For Obama; as he says, he wants to be involved. I think he had his time in the barrel and should silently bow-out and exile himself to one of those deserted island he loves so much.

Adesso basta



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