Another doozy from the Calif. Kid ….

California to become first state eliminating bail for suspects awaiting trial

I have blogged many times on the use of commonsense. Apparently, J B does not read the GG. I wonder why?  If he did, he would not make yet another dangerous/outlandish decision to aid & abet criminals.

FOX NEWS: Suspects awaiting trial in California will now have their bail eliminated, according to a bill signed by Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday.

In lieu of bail, suspects will be gauged under a risk-assessment system, although the details of the program, which will take effect in October 2019, were not immediately clear.

The guy is a danger not only to himself, BUTT to all the people in the country. It is difficult enough trying to keep a criminal that is out on bail from getting their hat or bonnet, let alone eliminating the only thing that keeps them in check, BAIL.

Brown needs to see a shrink ASAP. When he is finished with his sessions, he should start reading the GG on a daily basis. It may enlighten him some.


The Plague of Bail Jumping Charges – Urban Milwaukee…

The number of criminal bail jumping charges resolved in the state jumped 134 percent from 2000 to 2016 and the number of those charges dismissed soared 170 percent, according to a new Wisconsin

That is just in one state.  Some smart people look at the mistakes others make and don’t do a repeat. SMART was the key word.

Some may AXE, how can a criminal in Calif. that is running the streets, out on no bail be a danger to someone in Alaska? What is preventing that criminal from traveling anywhere in the world?  Nothing.

I can’t help BUTT wonder if Jerry and his advisors have ever been a victim of a crime?? I am sure, if they were, they would have a much different outlook on their leniencies.

One would think/assume that the higher a person goes up the status ladder in life, the more wisdom they will acquire. WRONG. The higher up some of them go, the more ignorant they become.

There are only a few things that keep criminals from committing crimes and one of them is a hefty bail. NOWWW, Jer and company are removing that.

I can say with certainty Brown and Obama had to be graduates from the same school of HIGH EDUCATION. The guys are like clones of one another.

Some foolish people may want to consider guy like Obama and Brown trail blazers and visionaries. I consider them the ruination of tradition values that kept our country safe for so many years.


Jer Buddy; tell me what can we do next  to  fuck up this country a little more than we have already. You have to know, you, I and the sheep that follow us over the cliff have a mission in life.

cliff-ideas-sheep                  blind

Rock old friend; that is something I have to give some extra consideration. I WILL come up with something!! Watch out for the curb.

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