Kamikaze’s miracle pill ….

White House unveils plan to move America to a new stage of the Covid pandemic

Kamikaze Joe’s solution to dealing with the existing and possibly future variance. The guy is a genius; I said it six months to a year ago, we are going to have to learn to live with covid, because it is not going away.

WHITE HOUSE BREAFING: “Vaccines, treatments, tests, masks — these tools are how we continue to protect people and enable us to move forward safely and get back to our more normal routines. Going out to eat at a restaurant, taking that trip that’s been long delayed, arranging a play date for your kids, attending a sports game, a movie or a concert again,”

A major new part of the plan includes a new “Test to Treat” initiative that President Joe Biden announced during his State of the Union address Tuesday night. He said Americans would be able to get tested for Covid-19 at a pharmacy and receive free antiviral pills “on the spot” if they test positive. 

Pfizer’s antiviral pill, Paxlovid, has been shown to significantly reduce hospitalizations and severe illness and was authorized by the US Food and Drug Administration last year. Upon its authorization, Biden announced a purchase of 10 million courses. The President has since said the federal government will double its order from 10 million to 20 million treatment courses. 

I can’t help but wonder how much $tock the Biden family and all of their homies have in Pfizer??

Is this new miracle pill good idea?? Absolutely, if it works. We have been down that road before.

Speaking in a language THE REFUSAL FOOLS understand ….

Posted on 11/15/2020 by The Goomba Gazette

The Oriental people have been using mask for centuries to keeping illnesses at bay. They have functioned perfectly normal and just made up their mind that wearing the mask is just part of their every day routine.

I think that Kamikaze Joe has failed in so many different areas, he is trying to initiate new policies/ideas to take the spotlight off of his inadequacy’s. Simple as simple can be. I hope for his sake and moreover for people in this country the miracle pill does work.

It looks to me like the pandemic is getting much under control if people continue to do what they have been. Numbers are going down every day.

Positive results without the miracle pill.

If the miracle pill works, it will be a definite shot in the arm. The one question I have of many, based on the fact that there are so many #resistant-rebels out there that do not want to conform or GET INTO THE SHOT LINE, how many will really get tested?? It doesn’t appear to me the naysayers; the people not getting the shots are going to be anymore agreeable to get tested.

In the opinion of many top ranking medical people, through attrition, or herd immunity, Mr COVID will only get his hat when he’s good and ready.

In my opinion #Kamikaze should be focusing more on Russia, China, North Korea and all of our other enemies as a matter of survival. I would think the #eminent-threats or potential #dangers from these monsters far over shadows the pandemics. If one of these maniacs ever decided to push the red button; all the masks, shot or pills in the world will not do us any good.

Joey buddy; although both issues are are of a paramount concern, start getting your priorities in order and cut out the popularity contest, you are losing horribly.

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